Firesteel by Exotac – NanoStriker XL

Pretty cool! Intelligently crafted and has a “high tech” look design! This is one of my favorite tools when starting a fire.


  nanostriker firesteel

Burns at nearly 3000°C 

¼” waterproof ferro & magnesium rod

Lightweight anodized aluminum body

Ultra-sharp striking tool

Replaceable ferro rod

0.43” diameter

3.65” length

0.95oz weight

Available colors: GRAY, ORANGE, OLIVE, BLACK

Personally, I like the simple term “ferro rod.” This is probably one of the most effective ways to get a fire regardless of the weather conditions, it will start a fire even when wet! Lighters and matches are great to use but when they get wet they will not work. Waterproof matches also exist but they can become bulky and possibly break as you use them. The advantage of having a “firesteel” is that it will always work no matter what. When everything else fails…this one will get the job done!


Scrape the fabricated metal with the rough edge of steel and watch the shavings produce hot sparks! Now aim those hot sparks right into your tinder until it ignites. Here’ a little VIDEO using cotton ball as a tinder (soaked in vaseline).

Firesteels have become popular… a lot are being produced in the market. They vary from sizes, lengths, thickness and quality. Some are manufactured by big companies and some are custom made but both give the same equal result….FIRE.

Some sell this product without the striker but others sell it as a kit. What’s cool about the NanoStriker XL is its ALL-IN-ONE! I didn’t buy this one. I had this as a gift. When I saw it for the first time, my first question was…”where is the striker?” It’s actually INSIDE! 

nanostriker firesteel2

 This goes with my keychain and it doesn’t even look like a firestarter. It is completely concealed in its own waterproof container and I always carry it with me.

WA Pics 009 

Other Kind of Ferro Rod

Earth Fire 

firesteel earth and fire

This one comes as a necklace, pretty cute and very practical.

You are probably wondering what got me into this. My husband is my teacher. He introduced me to “buschcraft” and now I enjoy and appreciate more of the outdoors!

 I hope that this was fun for you! If this is the first time that you have seen or heard about the ferro rod, you can watch more videos on You Tube. If you are already aware of this product or know other methods and you feel like sharing your “firestarting” experience, please feel free to share them on the comments below.

Okay, I’ll START! One of my favorite methods to use besides the firesteel…


 flint & steel

Although it requires more effort, I like the challenge & the reward that it brings – FIRE and a sense of accomplishment.

Now it’s YOUR TURN!

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