Trangia Multi-Fuel Bottle

The Trangia Multi-Fuel Bottle is a very popular & excellent container that holds FUEL ALCOHOL, KEROSENE or GASOLINE.

This is one of our favorites! Sitting by a fire to cook or boil water is really nice but we all know that this is not always possible. Sometimes when we are out camping, things have to be done quick & fast! Let’s say I just got to the campsite, tired of hiking & hungry :(. For sure I will not start gathering my fuel because I don’t feel like working at the moment, I just want to rest & eat!

This is where my stove comes in the picture. When you use a stove…. you need a fuel to be able to cook or boil anything. And the fuel needs a reliable container to make sure that it doesn’t leak. This is a concern all the time when we travel. But with the Trangia multi-fuel bottle… we don’t have to worry about the possibility of spilling the fuel. The bottle has an amazing SAFETY VALVE. It’s pretty COOL!

trangia multi-fuel bottle

trangia safety valve

This bottle comes in 3 sizes (bottle+valve= total weight – without the liquid).

  • 0.3 liter  w/ safety valve = 3.35 oz
  • 0.5 liter  w/ safety valve = 4.06 oz.
  • 1.0 liter  w/ safety valve = 5.64 oz.

We have the middle one (o.5 liter) which is perfect for a few days trip out in the boonies 🙂 So if you are looking for a good reliable container for your fuel alcohol, you may want to try using the Trangia Multi-Fuel Bottle. Whether you are planning on going out for a short or long trip, this fuel container might just be what you’re looking for.

If you are interested in this product, check out your local Outdoor/Gear Store near you. Here in Quebec, we saw it at SAIL but if you can’t find one then try it online. One of the things that I like about Amazon is that I can find almost anything on that online store and if you are living in the US, you can also take advantage of the FREE SHIPPING if available.

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