Mini Trangia Stove – Spirit Burner

This MINI ULTRALIGHT ALUMINUM Alcohol Stove by TRANGIA is perfect in your backpacks whether you are hiking or camping!

This is the partner of our Trangia Multi-Fuel Bottle & we just like bringing these two when we plan to go away for a couple of days. The Trangia Stove is really handy especially when everything is just soaking wet outside & starting a fire can be difficult.

This mini stove is superlight and compact that it does not take a lot of place in your backpack. This is easy to use when cooking your food or boiling water. This is perfect when you want your quick coffee early in the morning or a tea at night without consuming a lot of energy and fuel.

This simple mini stove is quiet, reliable & affordable.

trangia mini stove

trangia mini stove

We use Methyl Hydrate for our fuel – it is cheap & burns clean.

The “pot stand” was included when we bought the stove – it all depends on the seller.

Here’s a Video of one of our trips using the Spirit Burner & the Fuel Bottle by Trangia.


These two are a perfect combination for us! Thanks for your time, we appreciate you as always!



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