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If you like camping and having fun in the outdoors, you probably realize the importance of having a good meal kit.

Meal kits come in different shapes, sizes & materials. We all have a preference and it is entirely up to you to choose which one would best fit your needs. Depending on where we go and how long… the Light My Fire MealKit is what we bring in most of our trips. It has the basics that I need.


This kit has 2 plates; 2 cups with a lid; cutting board which can also be use as a strainer; 1 Spork. Although it is not really compact it is lightweight for its size. I like the idea of having everything in one place; this kit is simple yet complete.

We have been using it for a few years now & we are thankful for this gift from a good friend. 🙂 We have been using it ever since. mealkit

If you check the Light My Fire website, you will see more products that might be interesting for you. I really like the colors that are available from their different products. I am actually interested in their spork with a case! Check them out for yourself.

Harness; MealKit 2.0; LunchKit; Sporks

This mealkit is perfect for Mike & I… of course I always use the deeper plate!

What is your favorite Meal Kit?

Meal Kit

4 thoughts on “Meal Kit by Light My Fire

  1. I use the Stanley Adventure Camp Cook Set with the addition of a second stainless steel cup that the larger Stanley cup nests in. I do need to add a small fry pan. Do you have any suggestions?

  2. I’ve found that I really like the Swedish Fold a cups. I can fold a large and small one and nest them inside my smallest cooking pot along with a spare cigarette lighter. I use the smaller cup for my tea or coffee and the larger one to hold my food. I carry a cheap plastic spoon with me and if I can’t eat whatever I’m eating with it, I make myself a pair of chopsticks.

    1. I have that same set as well & I love it too! It hasn’t been out for a while, I’m gonna have to check where I put it 🙂

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