Leather Pouches

What’s not to like about leather? One, it just looks cool, it’s traditional and there is an unexplainable feeling about it. My guess is simply because it’s natural and fits the natural man. Leather has always (and still is) an important part of human nature. 

Leather for bushcraft : Well, a nice crafted leather sheath for our tools. Either it be a knife, axe or saw; it is a need. It not just looks good but protects important gear.

fishing pouchfishing pouch

Now I know there are other man made materials that are stronger and will last longer. I am not against them at all; I love both worlds (traditional and modern). There is just something about leather that draw’s me to it. It can have a tough mountain man look to it or an elegant gentlemen look to it.

Enough said! Let’s talk a little about pouches. Aren’t we addicted to pouches? It’s as if we would need a pouch just about for everything. Just like kids we like to put stuff away (or pack away) are different things right? It’s a lot of fun. I was almost wanting a pouch to carry toothpicks…WOW!! Crazy man!


Here are a few examples: Haversack’s, mountain men pouch, possibles pouch; whatever you like to call it, is a very popular traditional way of carrying some important gear.

Then you have the pouches to carry your traditional firestarter such as the flint and steel or magnifying glass. 


Let’s not forget our natural tinders or coal extenders. I carry mostly cedar bark, one of the best coal extenders available in this natural world. I even converted a change pouch to a tinder one… ha!! Sometimes I can’t seem to stop amazing myself with my great ideas….Time to go to bed genius.


 leather pouches

To be honest whenever I see leather (concerning related bushcraft stuff) my eyes block in amazement and my mind tells me…you have to get this or you’re going to die!!…Be careful our minds don’t always tell the truth nor will they make you wise men.

Ok, enough of me blabbing about leather pouches, but man it can be addicting!



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  1. Hey Mike,
    Did you make the triangular pouch shown here? I really like it & would like to make one for a belt I’m working on, but it’s my first leather pouch and I’m not sure where to start.

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