Mini Camping Shovel – U-Dig-It

This tool is underestimated yet extremely important to carry for different necessary tasks. I’m sure that you will find a lot of ways to use this mini useful tool. Some of the uses are to dig pits for your campfire or trenches, clearing designated areas, harvesting wild edibles.

But the main thing that I would like to talk about is burying human waste. It is not a pleasant discussion but it’s a problem in many camping areas and maybe this blog might just help enlighten some folks.

Did you ever here the phrase… LEAVE NO TRACE? One of my favorite YouTube Channel is Kenneth Kramm. I just like the way he explains things whenever he is out camping or hiking in the parks of Texas; his channel is loaded with great information, tutorials, tips and education concerning our surroundings… nature.

We all know that when “nature calls” we have to GO! We have to be sensitive to make sure that we respect the environment & others who would be camping right after you. Did you ever walk in a campground before & you don’t have to go very far to find human feces everywhere unburied? My last trip was exactly like this… people don’t care and it is sad 🙁

Some would probably say, well, animals do it… it’s a natural thing. Well, people are not animals, we are supposed to be smarter than them concerning the subject of hygiene 🙂 I am talking about when you are in a camping ground or doing some type of wild camping. If someone does not  have a shovel then all he has to do is find a sturdy stick, dig, and bury his dung. It’s really that simple.

Now let’s go back to the shovel! This shovel when opened is 9.5″ in length; 5.75″ when folded; 2.25″ wide; it weighs 6 oz. There’s a black pouch (nylon sheath) included that can be attached to your belt. It is very compact and slides easily into a backpack. Believe or not… Mike and I both have one.

mini camping shovel

mini camping shovel

What I like about this mini shovel is its stainless steel; it has a sturdy handle that locks into place – it doesn’t fold back when the dirt gets too heavy like other shovels; and also it’s easy to clean. 

So if you are looking for an effective mini camping shovel. I highly recommend  U-DIG-IT. 

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