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Headlights! That has got to be one of the best inventions when it comes to lights. The main reason is that they keep you safe by leaving your hands free as you do your stuff in the dark. Especially getting up in the middle of the night to relieve yourself 🙂 

As you, I have had a few headlights and one day I came across the Storm made by Black Diamond. 

Camping headlight

Ah! I immediately loved my first night out with it 🙂

Let’s give you a little more information first: 

Product Name:    Black Diamond – The Storm

Material:                    Plastic

Weight:                       3.9 oz with batteries

Features:                    Battery Indicator/Red Light Mode

Burning Time:        Low 125 hrs/High 50 hrs Camping headlight

Distance:                    Low 10 ft/High 230 ft 

Lumen Output:      Maximum 100 L/Minimum 4 L

Waterproof:            Up to 1 meter

The thing about this product I enjoy so much is the fact that it’s lightweight. Very important especially for something that goes on your head. I have had lights that I could not endure for more than 15 minutes. This one is very, and I mean very comfortable on your head. To me that is a must if you want me to like your light.

camping headlampcamping headlampOne hundred lumens is just about right for the type of chores that I do. I rarely use the low input light because it has a dimmer on it. Once your light is on full, all you need to do is hold on to the main button and dim it to your need.

It’s very useful when you need to cook at night (yep got to love a nice warm meal before going to bed 🙂

You love to read your way into sleep (I know I do) or you need to find a little more firewood for the fire because you hiked in a little late! Well its awesomeness will help accomplish these tasks safely.

As you can see from this blog I am hooked on this light for sure. The red light to be honest and the strobe I really never use.

So the overall reasons why I like the Storm from Black Diamond is because it is extremely comfortable; the brightness is strong enough; and controllable because of the dimmer. Oh! Also it is not complicated to use. I just dislike the ones that tell you…Ok hold it for 4 seconds…then release it and push twice on it to full brightness!! What! Give me a break!  That was just an example 🙂 Figuring this out especially when you just need a light; and being that it’s on your head can become quite frustrating.


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