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I like cooking & I enjoy doing it. My cook set is very important to me and you have seen me cooked over and over again in our videos using the same cooking pots & pans.
The truth is I really like my cook set and I will not trade it for a stainless steel one.
Features I like about it:

It is ultra light and weighs about 2 lb cook set

2 cook pots with lids ( 1.5 qt – 6 1/4″ x 3 3/4″ ) (1 qt – 5 1/2″ x 3″)

1 frying pan (6 3/4″ diameter) (2 1/4″ depth)

Aluminum Hard Anodized & Non-Stick 

Durable – Twice as hard as Stainless Steel Cookware

Even Heat Transfer


Super Easy to Clean

Let me talk to you about the HANDLES… It is tough & durable plastic handles. The only thing is when I cook the handles do not stay in place – they are all over the place unless your cooking platform is super straight. I was always concern that I might burn the handles when cooking in an open fire pit like we do.

The fact that I always want these handles together for easy grabbing when you want your food off the fire… it can be a pain because one handle goes to the LEFT and the other to the RIGHT! Sometimes I carry a piece of aluminum foil to keep the handles together; and if I don’t have any I just simply use a piece of stick.

Now when you’re cooking on a straight platform and maybe using an alcohol stove – the handle stays in the center, but not all the time. That is just the one small thing that I don’t like about this cook set. But it can easily be fixed by just improvising using a simple wire that you include in your kit.

But in general, the weight, the size, the performance of this cook set is excellent for me. On our last video when it was my birthday. Mike was cooking a steak on the coals, I had a different meal… I cooked mine in my pan WITHOUT OIL and it went super well. When I cook bannock in my frying pan… I don’t even use oil.

When it’s time for cleaning… I just use a sponge to clean the interior without going through the hassle of scrubbing like I do with stainless steel. I don’t even bother cleaning the outside… I just rinse it with hot water, dry it and put it away.

Mesh Bag/Carry Bag: The thing is that I never scrubbed the exterior of any of our cooking pots – meaning it has soot. Just as my cooking wok is seasoned… so are my pots and pans. With that being said… I didn’t use the mesh bag included in my cook set. I made my own black bag to protect my backpack from the soot. One more little thing… because the 3 pots/pan sits one on top of the other: I put a piece of paper towel in between to protect each surface from the soot. cook set

cook set

What Brand? I bought mine in Canadian Tire many years ago. Guess what? The following week… it was ALL GONE and I have never seen it again. This cook set is always OUT OF STOCK! It was manufactured by North 49 and not by Broadstone as Mike had mentioned in the video.

So I went and searched to find the closest that I could find like what we have and I found it on Amazon…  The Texsport Black Ice The Scouter Hard Anodized Cook Set. The price is very reasonable, I paid more with my cook set. If you are interested, I provided the link below.

Here’s a VIDEO explaining more about my cook set. 

5 thoughts on “Cook Set

  1. Great website!! I have learned so much from you guys. Please keep up the good work. Very proud of you guys . This is what you can do when two people lean on each other and support each other.
    Be safe,

  2. Great channel, I have been a sub for about as long as I have been on YouTube. I liked your cook set and went on Ebay and found a set that was damaged, A broken handle and the pots where dented, Nothing a hammer and block of wood couldn’t fix. Glued the handles up and they are almost like new. Got them for $19 and free shipping 🙂 Thanks again and love your videos and your new web sight.

  3. I liked the look of Josie’s set and bought something that at least looks more or less the same. The two kettles work very nicely especially over an alcohol stove. The fry pan that came with the set I bought is virtually useless. Luckily for me I have an older teflon coated backpacking fry pan that works like a charm and packs nicely with the rest of the kit. Typically, I boil water for coffee or tea in the smaller kettle and use the larger kettle for oatmeal or beans or stews.

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