3-Day Hiking & Camping Backpack

Vulture II by Maxpedition

I have always been an big fan of backpacks. I like them very much! I think they are cool and especially very useful. There are so many brands in the market today and it does not matter where you get them as long as they are comfortable and can carry stuff. The fun thing is that you can try different kinds but then eventually you will settle for something that will really suit your needs.

I know that depending on where I go and how long… will determine which one I would have to bring. Here is one of my favorites… the VULTURE II made by Maxpedition.

What I like about this Backpack

Webbing! There are so many all over this bag. But first let me share with you my other backpacks, not that I have plenty but have a few.

I always carry my little blue one from OUTBOUND but only for small trips due to its very limited space and compartments.  I have another one that I got from an ARMY SURPLUS STORE. It’s about 70L and I can put a lot of stuff in it… the only thing… it’s missing compartments. I like the space so I made it my bug-out bag.

So, Mike & I were up for a hunt for a new backpack for me. He actually suggested the Condor but he forgot that I’m a woman & I bring a lot of things with me sometimes? Okay, all the time!

I was looking for 5 Major Qualities 

  1.  Lots of space
  2.   Many compartments
  3.   Lots of webbing
  4.   Not flimsy
  5.   Comfortable

So we went to a couple of stores in our area. Wow! Found some overwhelming bags with beautiful colors as well! Now I’m not looking for huge expedition backpacks but just somewhere in the middle to accommodate my needs. Mike suggested looking it up on the net concerning other products of Maxpedition, so he did the homework for me. Then he showed it to me and sure enough I ended up with VULTURE II (KHAKI). hiking & camping backpackhiking & camping backpack

Things I like about it: The 5 major things that I was looking for are all there; SPACE, COMPARTMENTS, WEBBING, NOT FLIMSY and COMFORTABLE.

No need to elaborate. I am extremely satisfied! One time in one of our trips, this bag was full & packed about 35 lbs. We had to hike a steep hill to get to the refuge. It’s a good thing that those padded straps were comfortable because that hike would’ve been punishing.

pics websitevulture and axe 016

hiking & camping backpackMike has actually tried it and he finds the VULTURE II more comfortable to wear than his CONDOR.  I am so happy about this bag and I can’t wait to use again soon!

Interesting Features pics websitevulture and axe 008pics websitevulture and axe 011

Vulture II 3-Day Backpack

Main Compartment: Length 16.5”/Width 12”/Height 21”

Capacity: 1776 cu. in (29L)

Nylon Fabric


hiking & camping backpackhiking & camping backpack

Water and abrasion resistant

Breathable padding for comfort

Padded hip support

Internal seams taped and finished

Exterior Bottom: 4 channels of webbing/non-slip abrasion resistant material

High quality: nylon stitching/zippers and zipper tracks/paracord zipper pulls

Available Colors: Black, Khaki, OD Green, Foliage Green

Machine wash and use of detergent is not recommended.

Simply wipe with a damp cloth and air-dry.

Okay, it may not be the most stylish and the color is a bit dry but as far as USEFULNESS… it has it all for my taste. This bag is a winner for me!


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