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My personal kind of boots are?

Wait for it…Wait for it… Wait for it… 🙂 Ok, enough of this nonsense! 🙂

 Irish Setter in GORE-TEX! There you go!

 This company is certainly not new and has been there for quite a while. They have boots from casual wearing to hunting, trekking, rubber and right up to extreme cold.

You name it they probably got it. Ok, you’re starting to sound like a sales rep…You are supposed to be talking about your boots! Getting there 🙂

These boots I want to tell you right away can be on the pricy side of things but with the little experience I have with them I would certainly save up for a pair anytime.

 Remember the saying that goes…You get what you pay for! It is true with Irish Setter.

Five years ago I was looking for a good pair of boots that I could use from early spring right up to the fall. I wanted them to be rugged and tough. Something that did not feel like I was dragging cement and also they needed to breathe and be waterproof.

Well, I got exactly what I was looking for and they are still running strong. They may be expensive but they have lasted me 5 years so far and that is not just by a sweet walk in the park. I do not need to get a pair for the summer because they breathe. One pair for 3 seasons! I think the price is right 🙂

Anyway my pair that you see in the picture is not available any longer. I think it was replaced by what they call TREELINE.

What I love about them and I will probably repeat myself, is this: Even though it’s a fair size boot it is LIGHTWEIGHT. They really are WATERPROOF and really let your feet BREATH. They are certainly tough and will grip well to any terrain.

Alright I think I said enough. I know especially for the summer depending on the terrain you are trekking on, a high boot like this is not popular. For sure if it’s just a short walk on a clean trail your typical running shoes will be more adequate and comfortable.

But if it’s more into unbeaten paths or places where it could be rough, I strongly suggest this high type boot that will protect the bottom of your legs against “nasties” that could rip your skin and make your trek uncomfortable.

 A little tip if you do not know about it is replacing your boot laces with paracord. A lot stronger and can become very useful if ever you need paracord during your trip to the woods. Hiking Boots

I like this pair so much that my next pair will be within that same category.

I decided to talk about them because many people through the years of watching my videos have asked me many times to talk about them and I never did. So I decided to take advantage of my website to give you a few reasons why I wear them. The link below is the closest that I could find.


3 thoughts on “Mike’s Boots

  1. I don’t consider $102.00 a little pricy or pricy at all. Typical work or hiking boots at Academy Surplus (cheap sporting goods store) will cost 80 to 120 dollars for decent ones. These are considered by professional hunters and guides to be cheap. My Danner’s cost $500.00 and I consider them worth it.

  2. And if you want it in full leather you can take a look at the Irish Setter Treeline Hunt. I got those last year, very good boots. All leather with rubber reinforcement on tip and heal, and goretex membrane inside. Paid 140 dollars in Norway, so it should be cheaper online.

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