Ulu Knife

I think that the most interesting definition that Wikipedia gave is…a woman’s knife. Hey ladies out there! Congratulations! We actually have a knife named after us 🙂

They (Yupi’ik, Inuit, and Aleut women) use it for many tasks like skinning, cutting food, cleaning animals, cutting a child’s hair, trimming blocks of snow and ice to build an igloo.

A knife is a knife right? We all know the importance of knives not only in the kitchen but also when we head out into the great outdoors. Today I will be sharing with you my latest gift! 🙂 The ULU KNIFE! I know that there are many reviews on YouTube concerning this unique object but I would just like to share my opinion since I started using it, we also made a small video for you as requested.

One summer last year Mike & I were in Old Quebec City. We had the urge of being a “tourist” for a day 🙂 so we started the long walk of inspecting some boutique shops. He wanted to show me something… sure enough it was the ULU KNIFE. It looked very interesting but my first question was, “That’s a weird blade don’t you think?” The lady at the store was kind enough and she took it out so we could further investigate this unique thing.

I held it and tried to get the feeling of how I could use it. I actually liked it but I was not willing to pay $100+ for it! So, a little hint for Mike… maybe a Christmas wish list? I left it right there and forgot about it… quite expensive and it’s out of my budget!

Months had passed… sure enough I got it as a Christmas present last year 2013. I am grateful and speechless but he assured me that he didn’t pay for the “tourist’s price!”


I was afraid of this knife at the beginning because I am more used to our normal kitchen knives but not at this shape with its two rounded corners. Well I have to use it! So I left it beside my kitchen knives to remind me that I have to start putting it to work.

I started with a few vegetables, then some meat! Believe it or not, last week I thought of cutting my half-frozen chicken breasts and I was pretty amazed how fun and easy it is to use! I actually enjoyed slicing those chicken breasts, I think that I am just beginning to understand the capabilities of this awesome knife!

Ulu Knife

Ulu KnifeRemember it’s a “woman’s knife!” 🙂 You will see in the video that we have put together that this knife can do a lot of things! It’s simple but don’t be deceived… it is for a reason that they call it an “all-purpose knife,” and I am just beginning to understand why.

A little description:

(5 ¾” inches stainless steel blade/ 4” cultured moose antler handle/ 3 ¾”wooden block stand)

Ulu Knife

Seriously, I like this ULU KNIFE! I like how the handle fits my hand. It cuts smoothly and chops very well once you get the hang of it. My favorite is SLICING! When I chop some onions & garlic… I don’t have to raise this knife like my kitchen knife. Just gently swing it back and forth.

Now imagine slicing a frozen meat with an ordinary knife… I have to force with my hand to get through the meat and make that cut… using a good amount of effort, and by the time your half way… my right hand is already tired.

Now this is just a comparison of effort according to my observation of using the two knives. After trying my kitchen knife I switched to the Ulu. I noticed that I have a better GRIP & CONTROL with hardly any effort slicing that frozen meat because the blade is right under my hand. Using this knife at the beginning felt awkward but as I continued using it… I discovered WAYS of using it properly. I guess it applies to everything… KNOWING your tools! Once you get more comfortable with it, it is just basically allowing the knife to fulfill its purpose and you will love it!

Today I am cooking some pork filet and sometimes there are some unwanted fats that I have to take away. I used my Ulu to make it happen! I have some vegetables to cut as well and this knife has done it all for me. Yes, I am satisfied. I highly recommended it if you want to try something new and different in getting the feel of our Inuit ancestors.

Here’s a VIDEO how I have been experimenting with it.

Remember if you have any questions regarding this knife, leave them in the comments below and I will be glad to answer them for you. I also left the link where Mike got it and some more if you choose to have it in another style. Thank you for your precious time!

Appreciate you as always… Happy Chopping!




AMAZON USA:  https://goo.gl/l8kt9U

AMAZON CANADA:  https://goo.gl/wB2LeF

AMAZON.CO.UK:  https://goo.gl/5PrbO0

7 thoughts on “Ulu Knife

  1. allo Josie hi Mike !!
    Just saw you chopping all kinds, and im asking why would you give yours self so mutch trouble/labor, and “no pealing” . I have bein working in all kind of bistro /restaurants, there are 2 blades that i used , small carving peeling all kind , and my chef big blade or no.1 knife. but yours is wow shazamm nice, but for ruff condition, tranform it to a machetti. Hare you comming up whit a cook book soon ??? thebushcraft/samaritan/bushcraftbaton/cook whit josie ? come on !

  2. My nephew is stationed in Alaska and sent me an Ulu knife last Christmas (Yes, I sent him a coin:)). Anyhow, I’m just now starting to discover how to use it thanks to your video. Mostly, I’ve been using it to cut my pizzas right on the cast iron pizza pan. But, I’m going to start using it more. I like potatoes, so am wondering how easy/difficult it is to cut potatoes for boiling, frying etc. Any tips for cutting potatoes?

    1. Hi Mark, the Ulu knife is great for potatoes as well, I find that the best way is for the blade facing the left side as you cut through. I am right handed so it works for me. Whether you’re boiling or frying potatoes, the ulu will do a great job. You should try them on half-frozen meat… pretty fun to use. 🙂

  3. I had one but there are several kids at home and it disappeared….however, it WAS great for chopping and dicing onions and garlic. It will have to be replaced…..and then locked away from the rugrats for safe keeping !!

  4. Um….one more thing: Is this one with the bone handle made in the USofA (Alaska) ???…and, if so, where can I buy one?


    1. Hi Greg, thank you for leaving some comments. Here’s the link if you would like to have the same one as I have in the blog.
      Link: https://goo.gl/EkDNfq

      What I like about this particular one is the nice weight of the handle which actually helps in the chopping.Thanks again & let me know if you have any more questions.

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