The Friendly Swede Survival Kits

 Survival kits or I would rather say emergency kits. The word survival in this day is just too common and has different meanings for different people. So let me present some cool and affordable products that could be a help if ever you are in need of them.

 The Magnesium Block . Friendly Swede Survival KitsThis is a product that is not very popular probably for different reasons. It’s not as cool looking as your custom made ferrocium rods, it’s cheating having the magnesium with a ferro rod or its hard to scrape off that magnesium in order to have enough to light it up.

Whatever the reasons people give we must take into consideration that this is to be used in my opinion for emergency situations…That’s it! When you think that it would be used that way it changes the way we see this product as more of a positive than a negative. Think about this, you have the initial tinder with ferro rod in one place and they are waterproof. I think it’s worth it especially at the price this company offers them for a pack of three.

The second product is the famous Paracord Bracelet. This one is not that different from others of its type but there are a few good things to consider. First, the price is very fair. The construction is a well built king cobra weave. The ferro rod that they use as a toggle is a big one 5/16 which makes it much easier to use with the provided round striker to get your fire going and it is adjustable from 7 to 9 inches. Pretty cool!

Friendly Swede Survival Kits     Friendly Swede Survival Kits

Last, is the Grenade survival kit. Price wise very good, Lightweight and compact. Good contents inside that could really be used if needed. What I also like is the carabiner for easy storage either it be in your car, backpack with the carabiner it will be easy to get too it if needed.

Friendly Swede Survival Kits  Friendly Swede Survival Kits

Friendly Swede Survival Kits   Friendly Swede Survival Kits

So anyway let me make it a little easier for you. I made a video about these 3 products that should help you see a lot more of the products than in this blog.

Just click on the Amazon links below if you are interested to purchase.

Thanks again for the time you took to read this blog, really appreciate that.





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  1. Hi Josie and Mike I have got one of their bracelets it is the one with the fero rod and the knife. It is awesome practical along with stylish.
    Keep up the good work on the website and the videos.
    God Bless.

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