DIY Butterfly Hammock Chair

Who doesn’t like the warmth of a good campfire? This is one of my favorite things to do… relaxing while enjoying a good meal in front of a good campfire.

We are all familiar with hammocks, right? But a hammock chair sounds really interesting! Allow me to share with you how Mike & I started using these awesome chairs.

A few years ago, a good Canadian You Tuber Friend of ours by the name of Jeep from (Econo Challenge) gave us some treasured gifts! Hammock Chairs. Many thanks to you Jeep! They make life so much easier and comfortable while being in the outdoors.

Now I like it very much, it is so compact, so lightweight that can be easily slipped into your backpack. It will require a tripod plus another stick to hold the bottom part where you sit; a total of four sticks in all. But if you have a solid standing tree, you will only need two plus another stick to hold the bottom part which makes a total of three sticks.

butterfly hammock chair 006

I like this hammock chair that I thought of personalizing my own by adding something to it?

Sometimes when it’s a bit windy or chilly at night, I like the thought of having a blanket wrapped around me. This thought comes to mind every time I’m sitting on my hammock chair but I never thought or should I say never bothered bringing one with me whenever Mike and I are out. It’s too much of a hassle by bringing more.

So, an idea came one day while I was sitting by a campfire. I have spoken to Mike about it and he said just go for it and see how it turns out! So, I did!

Ladies and Gentlemen, Fellow Bushcrafters! May I present to you my Butterfly Hammock Chair!

Another DIY Fun Project To Do!

I thought of incorporating a nice wrap-around blanket with my hammock chair. Basically ALL-IN-ONE!

Butterfly Hammock Chair   Butterfly Hammock Chair




I got myself a cheap $9 material from a local Surplus Army Store… it was actually a gray recycled blanket just to experiment with it. Then I took my hammock chair & layed it on the material to give me an idea of the size that I wanted.

Basically I just added some “wings” on both sides. I took the full width for the wings and didn’t bother trimming the edges not to waste the material. Add just a few inches on the sides for seaming.

The width (horizontal) gave me 5 feet. The height is 3 feet. I have 2 inches on the top which is good enough to be able to insert the paracord to hold my weight. For the bottom I have 4 inches just enough to be able to insert my piece of wood.

You can make it out of the material of your choice but I do want to make this out of a wool blanket. A bit heavier but tougher and will last me a long time.


So, it’s Friday night and I feel like having a bonfire to try my new DIY PROJECT! Come and join us as Mike & I head out into our camp area to have a quiet little supper and give my final verdict of this new experiment.

Butterfly Hammock Chair

 As for ground cover….No problem.
As a blanket or cloak on me… I like how it wraps around me shielding my body from the wind and serves as a cover as you sit on the ground.
As a hammock chair… works fine but needed some modifications.


PicturButterfly Hammock Chaire 1 : I would definitely extend the wings a little bit longer at the bottom just to give me more cover on the lower part of the body (hips & upper part of the legs) when sitting down.


Picture 2: I would lower the wings about the 10 more inches, just to bring it down where it would nicely wrap around from the shoulders, it’s a bit high.  It would also be easier to tie it without the wings being on the way.

Butterfly Hammock ChairButterfly Hammock Chair

The material that I used on the video is only a model. It is good as a pattern for my experiment before I do it with the real wool blanket. As I have mentioned this fabric is really cheap made from different recycled materials. This is only a model and it helped me to see the areas where I would want to improve or if you have some old blankets that you’re not using at home for a pattern, that will work just fine.

I have fun doing this simple project. I hope that you will give it a try  as well and let me know how yours turned out! By the way… the supper was excellent – prepared by Chef Mike! But the bonfire was even better!

I personally would like to thank you for all your support & friendship with us all these years. Thank you for your precious time & God Bless!


Butterfly Hammock Chair




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14 thoughts on “DIY Butterfly Hammock Chair

  1. Very Cool! I just watched the video and first thing I thought was, my wife’s going to love this! I can see her using it in a fold up camp chair and wrapping the wings around her legs. She usually sits with a jacket or full size blanket over her lap. Your design looks way better! Great idea!

  2. I think I will try this with a mosquito net at the top, when bugs get too bad just flip it over yourhead and face. love your modifications and best wishes to you and yours from Missouri

    1. Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to read the blog. You have a cool idea of putting a net at the top. I also thought of putting a hood but I ran out of material.

    1. I don’t mind Howard, first I need to find some good wool blankets then I will let you know and we’ll talk about details how you want them. I’ll keep in touch. Josie

  3. Josie, I would recommend that you put some pockets on the inside of the wings for your hands to go in when you wrap the wings around you. That way you can keep it wrapped tight around you without getting your hands out in the outside of the wings. Just figure out the right place to put them on the inside and you will stay cosy.

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