Fatwood Firesteel

The FFS (Fatwood FireSteel)

Fatwood FiresteelA firesteel (ferrocium rod) is really a popular and very functional piece of important gear when it comes to bushcraft/survival or just spending some quality time in the forest.

Nowadays there are different sizes and some really beautiful custom work when it comes to the handles.

Well, this one here that I am presenting to you is probably not the most beautiful but certainly the most practical I have seen yet.

Fatwood is also a very popular andFatwood Firesteel effective natural product used in the outdoor community. So why not combine them?

Kirk has thought of this idea that I know of and what a brilliant one it is. Ok, I know! Maybe you know someone who has done the same and that’s great but it’s not really who invented it (let’s not get into a fight now) but what’s important is the final product and this one when it comes to practicality in firesteel, it beats them all.

Having a great natural product (what some will call sure-fire) teamed up with the firesteel is a very practical, effective and smart product that you could have in your kits.

You could use it every time you make a fire and that would be fine but it would be more of an (in case) situation where it’s sitting there waiting to be used for an emergency.

Fatwood FiresteelThis could be a great DIY project for you but for some…fatwood is just not available or maybe lack of time and tools are in the way of making your own.

Well, I got good news! Kirk decided to produce some and make it available to the public. It’s still quite a bit of work. Going out finding the good stuff, harvesting it, bringing it back home, cutting it to the right size, shaping it etc. Looks like nothing but it is time consuming.

So, if this is something that would interest you to have in your kits, it is available to you. You can contact Kirk and order with his email address: kirkdustin1987@yahoo.com

You can choose between a straight Firesteel or a slanted one. The slanted one is made like that to be able to scrape it a little easier (seeing what you’re doing). The firesteel that he sells are a little longer than the one seen in the picture. Fatwood Firesteel

Anyway, like always I thank you very much for the support you give us…You guys are the best!


6 thoughts on “Fatwood Firesteel

  1. ‘Mornin Mike & Josie; Many thanks 4 providing a contact 4 Kirk, will B emailing him soon on a purchase.
    Hoping All’s well there with U & Yours
    Best Regards
    Terry & Melanie
    ” GOD BLESS “

  2. Thank you Mike and Josie. This tool is not only easy to use it is also a piece of art. I appreciate you sharing quality, affordable products on your site.

    I just received mine today, ordered only last week. Sturdy, strong and wonderfully powerful ferro rod. Thanks Kirk for a quality product. You were right. I really like the acute angled one. Much easier for my arthritic hands because it’s easier to hold over or in the tinder pile.

    I will more than likely never wear this striker out. So little fatwood is required to ignite a larger main pile. Much easier than scraping magnesium for me.

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