Shelter, Food & Busy Hands

We all know how a shelter is very important not only for cover but also for protection from the elements. I think that it is always a great challenge to me how to build a shelter whether making a simple or complicated one.

Here are some types of shelters:

Types of Shelters Types of Shelters Types of Shelters Types of Shelters

Shelter always gives you that “homey” feeling of protection and comfort. I know that this is how I feel personally. I walk into the wilderness that is so big and so open that I feel so overwhelmed and lost. But whenever I make a shelter… it feels good like my homemade comfort zone my own little corner where I can be safe and rest.

Having your own space helps the mental thing a lot! It is very important to me to feel secure especially being a lady. 
Don’t forget the FIRE! Shelter and Fire is a perfect combination! Food comes after remember?

Just look at these men what they had accomplished. It’s just the beginning of something great but still was a lot of work. When building shelters, it’s always worth it; it brings a sense of accomplishment. Now when these men go hunting in the fall, they will have a place to stay that will be warm and cozy after waiting and freezing patiently from the top trees!

Types of Shelters Types of Shelters Types of Shelters

Paul & Jeremy are brothers, young men from our church who go out with Mike sometimes. They worked hard to build this shelter, not very far from their hunting spots. Now remember what comes after? FOOD…. I LOVE FOOD!!

Building Shelter and Cooking Building Shelter and Cooking Building Shelter and Cooking

Whether you are with a family or friends, I think that it brings a smile to everyone’s face. Good memories are made!


You may have seen Mike many times carving a spoon, just relaxing. Personally I like to see the hunt for that piece of wood before he transforms it into a spoon. The work that goes into it and the many hours spent carving it; perfecting every corner and edges.

Carving A SpoonCarving A SpoonCarving A SpoonCarving A Spoon

That is patience that I don’t think I have!  I tried, but I simply don’t have the gift to carve! I’ll just cook!

It is almost a perfect scene… a good shelter in front of a warm fire, meal cooking, water boiling for a coffee while Mike is finishing up a spoon. Amen!

20141117_120305 20150224_151405 20150424_172949

The sound of the wood cracking as it slowly burns and is being consumed by the fire is so relaxing to me. I am blessed that I have enjoyed many experiences like this with Mike. I am grateful and by God’s grace I am not DONE YET!



19 thoughts on “Shelter, Food & Busy Hands

  1. Hi Josie and Mike,

    I have been following you since a couple of weeks and I enjoy watching your videos.
    Although they make me a little yealous (if I want to be in a real forest I have to drive two and a half hours to the Ardennes fotests), it’s very entertaining, and one can learn a lot from you. I feel that you are truly blessed, having eachother and the opportunity to venture out in those wonderful woods.
    So keep it up and God bless !
    Regards from the Netherlands

    1. Many thanks Sandor. Yes, we are blessed and are truly grateful! We hope that you can enjoy your beautiful forest as well. An overnight trip to go into your woods is worth it considering the distance that you have to make to get there. Thank you very much for your comment and support.

  2. Great article Josie! Thank you… I like the food part too! I am sure glad you can appreciate the out doors and Mikes adventures!

  3. Thank you Josie for sharing so much. Everything you guys do is not only educational but entertaining as well. I love seeing the country you live in, it’s beautiful!

  4. Josie you are one brave and thoughtful woman! You bring class and beauty to a site that already overflows with knowledge and wisdom. You add elegance to Mike’s videos; it’s a joy to see you together in such wonderful countryside. Thank you for sharing those blessings.

    1. Thank you so much for the kinds words, it’s all by the grace of God. We appreciate you stopping by and reading the blog. God Bless!

  5. Thanks Jose,
    Great web site! Your photos, cooking, and most of all your sharing the Lord’s creation from around a campfire and shelter. It’s a treat to read your blogs, since we see/hear Mike mostly in the vidoes. Keep up the good work, a most worthy ministry.

    1. Thank you Dennis, appreciate the kind words. Yes, it is truly a most worthy ministry as you said. We are blessed to be able to do what we love!

  6. Mike,

    I hope all is well. I watched your video on the Euro hiker tent. I liked it and purchased one. However, it did not come with instructions on how it sets up. I have used it about three different times and like it. But there is what appears to be an elastic strap with chrome colored buckles which is attached to green section, if I remember right, and I have never been able to figure out its purpose. The tent did not come with any set up instructions. Did you get instruction with yours that may explain what this strap is for? Or maybe you know what it is for and could relay that info to me. I have searched all over the internet, but cannot find anything to explain it.

    Love all the vids and very much like the fact that you are a true Christian.
    Take Care and look forward to hearing back from you.

    A long time fan,
    Chris Rock

  7. Hello Mike and Josie!
    First, I love watching your videos. I look forward to watching them as a person would watching a regular TV program. Thank you for all you do. Second, you’ve mentioned how fantastic Josie’s spaghetti recipe is. Possibly could you please share? Always on the lookout for that truly spectacular pasta sauce recipe. I would love to try it! Thanks again and God bless.

    1. Scott,
      Thank you for leaving a comment and watching our videos, your support means to us! The thing about the spaghetti sauce is that she never had a written recipe! The best ones are the small batches that she made… One time when we were on one of our fishing trips… She just had a jar of spaghetti sauce. She sautéed some onions and garlic, threw in the meat & sauce; added 1 tbsp of steak spice & some ketchup or sugar and it was good! Maybe try it? At your own risk of course, LOL! Have a great day!

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