Spending Time in the Woods

I like going out with my husband but he likes it more than I do. I know it and he knows it too! I look forward to going out with him curious where we will go, where we will set camp and what we are going to eat lol!

Whenever we are out together… he takes care of the camp and I take care of the food. We like it and enjoy doing it.

I like spending time in the woods because of the quietness that it gives, there is something so peaceful about it if you listen. The world is so busy and so loud. Someone told me once that it is too quiet here and scary! We get so used to the noise all around us that it makes us afraid to be still and do nothing.

The Word of God says, “Be still and know that I am God.” It is not an easy thing to do.”

Just because it’s quiet doesn’t mean that it’s boring!

I call it a PICNIC!

That’s why I get excited to go out. It is a DATE! A PICNIC for me and my hubby.

Spending Time in the Woods Spending Time in the Woods

I know when I go back home that I feel tired especially when it’s  a long hike but it’s a good tiredness. Breathing fresh air, drown my mind with pure thoughts, get in shape, but mostly refreshed. These are the some of the reasons why I like to go out and spend time in the woods.

The peace and rest that the Lord gives is a rest for a weary soul.

I find this easy but not for Mike! He is constantly moving, working, filming. I had to tell him often, can you relax. He tries but it is difficult for him because sometimes there are scenes that only he can see and he must absolutely get it on film!

I know that he needs to go out to film and to work but I have also heard him say to me, “I had a good talk with the Lord.” That is music to my ears!

 This is the major reason why we go out… DISCONNECT to be able to CONNECT with God. I hope that it will do the same for you. 

Mike & Josie

11 thoughts on “Spending Time in the Woods

  1. I very much understand the “Disconnect to Connect with God” statement! The forest is like a majestic cathedral to me, and the silence and solitude brings renewal to my spirit!

    And Josie, as a chef, I am all about the food, too!!

    God Bless you both!

    1. What a perfect description! “The silence and solitude brings renewal to my spirit.” We appreciate you taking the time to read the blog. God Bless Chef Kitty 🙂

  2. New to all this and found you today/recently, I am CAN also, east of Toronto. The date you published this — 5/22 — is actually the day I got saved in 2003. (: I am surely glad I found you guys while I learn about Bushcrafting!!! Thanks for the approach you take on this, I think it is a ministry for you. Shalom. BD

    1. Amen for getting saved Brother….That is music to my ears 🙂 Praise God!!!

      You are right it is kind of a ministry especially working in the shadows. Take care of yourself!

  3. I enjoy listening to your husband’s calm voice. He is so peaceful and just takes his time. Tell him that learning from him is very easy for me.
    I get out in the country and woods a lot just to disconnect from the business and traffic noises. I’m 63years old but if i never get to do the fun stuff you and he does, I do feel closer to God when I find a path and just sit down, breathe the air and listen to nature. If I didn’t need insulin, I wood live in yhe woods as much as possible.
    I also love cutting into pirces of wood with a knife. It is so relaxing.
    Thank you, thank you for making these videos. It makes my day go by a lot beyter when I’m to sick to go out. May God bless you two in all His ways in all you need.

    1. Hello Ms. Sherry, we want to thank you for the kind words. We appreciate you taking the time to watch our videos, what a blessing to know that God can use these videos to bless others in many ways that we can never think of. God is good! We wish you well and many more walks in the woods. God Bless you! Mike & Josie

  4. Dear Ms. Josie,
    I find your perspective on being active in the wilderness both encouraging and spiritually inspiring. I continue to gently encourage my wife to give it a try depite her reservations. I cite you as an example of how a busy woman, such as yourself, may derive many blessings from our Heavenly Father by appreciating His awesome and wonderful creation. However, I still hold to the age old adage, “A happy wife = a happy life.”
    Thank you,
    Fred T.

    1. Thank you for the kind words sir, God’s creation is truly wonderful but THE CREATOR, our Heavenly Father is the God of wonders! Mike says that to me often that “A happy wife is a happy life.” I suppose there’s truth to that old adage :). From my experience, my husband Mike is my mentor. You are doing exaclty what he did to me many years back …. gently encouraged me to do things that I never thought of doing. Simple things like a simple walk in a park, trail in the woods, visit national or provincial parks, of course bring good food :). I hope for future stories & more good memories to come as you do your own adventures together, thank you again and God Bless!


  5. Hi. I had no idea you had a website until you mentioned it on your channel. I’ve watched many of your videos and really enjoy them. Every time I cook rice outdoors I’ll think of your tip on how much water to use. :)Keep up the great videos and nice website!

    1. Hi David,

      We thank you for watching our videos, we appreciate the support and we’re glad that you’re enjoying them! Thank you for the encouraging words.


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