Spring has Sprung!

Finally Spring! I was waiting for it for a while now! Just the thought of going outside without carrying heavy loads from my clothing to everything else just feels good!

I was excited to go to our favorite “spring spot” in Kinnear’s Mills, walk the trail, listen to the happy birds and the rushing water from the river. It seems like the water wanted to melt away from its layers of thick ice that imprisoned it all winter. Spring

Spring signifies a lot of things coming back to life again and being born again if I may say it that way. It’s not that things were dead but I would rather say dormant. All I can say is praise God for the Spring! I love Spring!

Today Mike and I had an easy relaxing day. We just wanted to RELAX and enjoy God’s creation, it does not have to be laborious all the time. Just watch, listen, and relax.

It is good to be quiet and to be still, it is good for the soul. When we were in Haiti in February we met a couple from New York and had a conversation with them. They told us that they wanted their children to experience the “Island life,” meaning the slow pace not always go, go, go!

For me going out just gives me that. Leaving all your cares about this life and rest in the Lord, enjoy His presence and the beauty of His creation. It is a medicine for the soul. Spring has sprung

In a way I think of some of our dear friends who can’t go out because of health issues. I understand that watching good videos on You Tube helps them to be there. Watching videos on YT while we can’t go is a blessing. Hopefully the time will come when you can go out a bit and enjoy the wilderness.

We are created in God’s image that’s why we have that connection when we go out and enjoy what creation has to offer.

I hope that you are enjoying your spring as well.

We brought a little something to eat and drink. It was a very simple hike because the road was still blocked with snow and ice and we couldn’t reach the top. But all in all we had a great time together! It felt great to be out!


2 thoughts on “Spring has Sprung!

  1. Like the blogs Josie.. I feel much the same too! It seems spring comes in different ways each year… And it is exciting to see it unfold. Glad you guys are able to get out as much as you do.. I really envy that. I wish I could get out more, but I do appreciate the videos a lot. It is a great ministry… I can always count on you two to work up my appetite!


    Michael Zlab

    1. What a blessing to be able to share our experiences. We are glad that you appreciate watching our videos. It is quite challenging to make them at times but it’s really worth it when we see how it reaches to people in many different ways. As you said, it is a great ministry. Many thanks again Michael and God Bless!

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