Three Season Tent 4P

This is a good tent for a couple with small children, it’s perfect. However, if you want some space to be able to bring your gear with you inside the tent… this is awesome for two people!

We have tried some other tents before and ended up throwing them away. You probably know what I’m talking about and had some personal experiences and stories of your own to tell. But to make this blog short and sweet, let’s get to it right away!


Setting up! Been there and done that. This pole to that hole? What! Is this the back or the front?  It’s not working! Ahhhh!

So, this was one of the things we looked into. I take the poles out without getting lost where they’re suppose to go. The best is to go to the store where you can see the tent opened up (displayed) where you can really get a closer look.

Now, here’s the thing that you have to consider…


If the answer is yes, that is one check from your list. Although our tent is a four-man tent, we have no problem setting it up and we have done it many times. I’m in charge of the setup when we go camping while Mike takes care of other stuff. I have no problem and no struggles; it’s that easy. The same thing I can say with Mike when he went camping many times and he had this tent with him. He told me that he had no trouble setting it up by himself. That is really a good thing :).

What you are looking for is EASY TO SET UP.


“Everytime I go camping, I’m always wet!” I have heard this many times and we have experienced it too many times. The weather was perfect when we left home then all of a sudden down pouring rain. It just simply has to rain every time we go camping :).

This is the difference between cheap tents and good quality tents. We didn’t want to pay too much money either. But let me tell you that IT IS WORTH PAYING FOR A GOOD ONE!

We brought this tent and tested it many times in pouring rain and we were super dry inside. There is nothing more frustrating than to wake up in the morning when everything is wet (where you sleep, including your gear).

When you choose your tent check if the fabric is durable especially in pouring rain and when it’s windy. The tent we have is seam taped for weather protection.

Another thing is… the FOOTPRINT IS INCLUDED.


We went for a two-door tent and we did not regret it! It gave us easy access to our gear and other stuff we keep inside. What I love about it is… whenever possible to set it up facing one door to the view of a lake, its awesome! Of course fast and easy exit especially at night when nature calls :).

This tent is spacious! We brought our two bed cots many times in our car camping and they fit perfectly in our tent. We just tucked our gear under the bed cots and we still have plenty of space.

Let me see if I can find some pictures!

Of course we have some videos on YouTube where you have seen us brought this tent. Here’s the thing… we bring our bed cots when we go car camping only. But in our canoe trips we just bring our sleeping pads for a more comfortable sleep.

We have had this tent for many years now and I apologize that these are the only pictures I’ve found. I guess we have more videos than pictures.

Anyhow, I hope this blog will help you consider owning a good quality tent regardless of the size you’re looking for. The only thing we can say is… IT IS WORTH INVESTING IN A GOOD ONE!

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