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3-Day Hiking & Camping Backpack

Vulture II by Maxpedition I have always been an big fan of backpacks. I like them very much! I think they are cool and especially very useful. There are so many brands in the market today and it does not … Continue reading

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Good Quality Axes by Gransfors Bruks

The Axe! Well this is another tool/subject that people like to argue about. Let me tell you right off that I am not here to do that. I will be talking about this great tool in a positive way. I … Continue reading

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Camping Pack Grill

Pack Grill This is an important piece of gear that I find so useful when cooking outdoors. My Pack Grill. A lot of times when I cook on an open fire, controlling the heat can be a challenge at times; … Continue reading

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Manmade Tinder

This blog is in no way sending the message that any of the manmade tinders out there are not good or not useful because it would not be true! They all are! There are tons of great ideas for manmade … Continue reading

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