Camping Pack Grill

Pack Grill

This is an important piece of gear that I find so useful when cooking outdoors. My Pack Grill. A lot of times when I cook on an open fire, controlling the heat can be a challenge at times; especially once the food is cooked and I just want to keep it warm. Well this grill comes very handy!


Product Pack Grill by Coghlans

camping pack grillcamping pack grill

Weight 340g

Grill Surface 12 ½”x6 ½”

Height 7” standing

Length 13”

Two Folding Legs

camping pack grill

This grill folds flat for easy storage and hardly takes place in my backpack. I made a bag for it, a simple DIY project when you have some old t-shirts or old jeans… make them into small useful bags for your cooking gears. I like that this grill is lightweight as well.

camping pack grill

A simple grill like this makes all the difference knowing that I have full control of the heat temperature when I’m cooking.

If it’s something you are looking for I left you some links below:





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7 Responses to Camping Pack Grill

  1. Wade LeClair says:

    I use the same one, made a bag out of a old shopping bag. Works great. Thanks Mike

  2. Luther Goodman says:

    I just watched one of your videos made in March 2014 and so thoroughly enjoyed it. I saw the link in your description and had to come here and tell you how much I enjoyed watching it. I’d never heard of a long fire. Also, it was really cool how you were able to take water from the little spring and cook with it the way you did. That water looked really clear! I also enjoyed learning about cooking rice and how simple it is to steam vegetables on top of the rice the way you did that. I want to learn more about bushcraft and am subscribing to your youtube channel. Many thanks for sharing your knowledge!

    • M&J says:

      Thank you for subscribing Luther. We are glad to hear that you are enjoying the videos and picking up a few tips and tricks along the way. We are always learning each time. There are plenty of information available out there, maybe one of these days we will see you with yours videos. 🙂 Thank you again, welcome and happy bushcrafting!

  3. Bill says:

    Cool little grill I bought one but haven’t used it yet. Thank for all your videos and tips.

  4. Dan says:

    I love your website and the great content. Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us.

  5. John Palmer says:

    Nice grill, I will have to get one. Seen it on your last video.
    Josie can you do Lumpia Video, I lived in the Philippines For 3 years as a child. Some great food I had there.

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