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DIY Gear Bags

How important it is to keep things organized! The thing about it is you don’t have to spend a lot of money to buy them, so why not make your own?       I’ve been making them for some time … Continue reading

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Cooking Food and Making Coffee

What are we going to do without it? Cooking food and making coffee! Some say that everything smell and taste better in the great outdoors!  I don’t know how many times Mike told me, “Keep it simple.” Well, first of … Continue reading

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Shelter, Food & Busy Hands

We all know how a shelter is very important not only for cover but also for protection from the elements. I think that it is always a great challenge to me how to build a shelter whether making a simple … Continue reading

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Spending Time in the Woods

I like going out with my husband but he likes it more than I do. I know it and he knows it too! I look forward to going out with him curious where we will go, where we will set … Continue reading

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