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Camping Pack Grill

Pack Grill This is an important piece of gear that I find so useful when cooking outdoors. My Pack Grill….

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Cook Set

I like cooking & I enjoy doing it. My cook set is very important to me and you have seen…

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Simple Tick Remover

  Okay, that’s not a tick up there 🙂 It’s just for a little humor & for demonstration. Don’t you…

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Camping Headlamp/Headlight

Headlights! That has got to be one of the best inventions when it comes to lights. The main reason is…

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Quality Emergency Whistle

This has become such an underestimated product over the years. That is kind of sad because in a way it…

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Mini Camping Shovel – U-Dig-It

This tool is underestimated yet extremely important to carry for different necessary tasks. I’m sure that you will find a…

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Before Setting Up Camp

Here are a few important suggestions before considering setting up your campsite. Choosing the right place will not only protect…

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GSI Stainless Steel Kettle

This GSI Kettle is by far my favorite. That is why I decided to talk to you guys a little…

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Meal Kit by Light My Fire

If you like camping and having fun in the outdoors, you probably realize the importance of having a good meal…

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Folding Saw – Laplander by Bahco

What a difference it makes when you know that you can count on your TOOLS! The Laplander by Bahco is an…