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Trangia Multi-Fuel Bottle

The Trangia Multi-Fuel Bottle is a very popular & excellent container that holds FUEL ALCOHOL, KEROSENE or GASOLINE. This is one of our favorites! Sitting by a fire to cook or boil water is really nice but we all know … Continue reading

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Klarus XT11: Tactical Flashlight with 820 Lumens

Flashlights! Flashlights! Flashlights! Well we could talk and argue a lot about them right? But I am not here for that. There are tons of good flashlights out there in the market, some having extreme power but the construction is … Continue reading

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KUKSA – Traditional Wooden Cup

A Traditional Wooden Cup. This is very light in weight and easy to carry. I just love this cup! Where we go… KUKSA goes! This wooden cup goes with us everywhere. This is our favorite drinking cup! I received mine … Continue reading

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Firesteel by Exotac – NanoStriker XL

Pretty cool! Intelligently crafted and has a “high tech” look design! This is one of my favorite tools when starting a fire. FEATURES:    Burns at nearly 3000°C  ¼” waterproof ferro & magnesium rod Lightweight anodized aluminum body Ultra-sharp striking tool … Continue reading

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