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The Friendly Swede Survival Kits

 Survival kits or I would rather say emergency kits. The word survival in this day is just too common and has different meanings for different people. So let me present some cool and affordable products that could be a help … Continue reading

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Fire Starting Methods

Starting a fire to provide for your needs must be the greatest thing ever when it comes to bushcraft. Who does not like to get a fire going? Fire gives you so much joy, a sense of comfort and belonging. … Continue reading

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Natural Tinders

Natural tinders….oh my!! What would we do without them? Let’s name a few: Birch bark – what an amazing tree. No need writing about this one. 🙂 Liquid resin/pitch is the gas of the woods. You will find them in bubbles … Continue reading

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Firesteel by Exotac – NanoStriker XL

Pretty cool! Intelligently crafted and has a “high tech” look design! This is one of my favorite tools when starting a fire. FEATURES:    Burns at nearly 3000°C  ¼” waterproof ferro & magnesium rod Lightweight anodized aluminum body Ultra-sharp striking tool … Continue reading

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