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ThruNite Flashlights

Here are great high quality flashlights for all of your different needs at a low cost. The more we advance in technology the better the companies are able to make good long lasting flashlights that everyone can afford.   A … Continue reading

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The Friendly Swede Survival Kits

 Survival kits or I would rather say emergency kits. The word survival in this day is just too common and has different meanings for different people. So let me present some cool and affordable products that could be a help … Continue reading

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Ulu Knife

I think that the most interesting definition that Wikipedia gave is…a woman’s knife. Hey ladies out there! Congratulations! We actually have a knife named after us 🙂 They (Yupi’ik, Inuit, and Aleut women) use it for many tasks like skinning, cutting food, cleaning animals, … Continue reading

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Trail Marking Tape/Orange Flag

The Orange Flag!  I just have to blog a little about this; it certainly can become a life saver. The orange flag (is what I like to call it) can provide you with safety, security, be a guide to you … Continue reading

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