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Camping Pack Grill

Pack Grill This is an important piece of gear that I find so useful when cooking outdoors. My Pack Grill….

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Man Made Tinder

This blog is in no way sending the message that any of the man-made tinder out there are not good…

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Condor II Backpack by Maxpedition

Backpacks! Another subject I don’t really like to talk about. There are tons of them in the market. Condor II…

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Trail Marking Tape/Orange Flag

The Orange Flag! I just have to blog a little about this; it certainly can become a life saver. The…

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Quality Multi-Tools

The famous Multi-Tool…That is a piece of gear that I don’t really like to talk about because there are too…

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Cook Set

I like cooking & I enjoy doing it. My cook set is very important to me and you have seen…

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Camping Headlamp/Headlight

Headlights! That has got to be one of the best inventions when it comes to lights. The main reason is…

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Multi-Purpose Collapsible Molle Pouch

This bag surprised me! When Mike gave this Mini RollyPoly to me, he didn’t tell anything else about it. I…

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Quality Emergency Whistle

This has become such an underestimated product over the years. That is kind of sad because in a way it…

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Mini Camping Shovel – U-Dig-It

This tool is underestimated yet extremely important to carry for different necessary tasks. I’m sure that you will find a…