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Do you like Winter? Folks ask me often the same question since I’ve been here, “Do you like winter?” It…

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Lady Bushcrafter Knife

Finally ladies here’s a knife for us! You may have seen the video and probably enjoyed it but I just…

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Shelter, Food & Busy Hands

We all know how a shelter is very important not only for cover but also for protection from the elements….

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Ulu Knife

I think that the most interesting definition that Wikipedia gave is…a woman’s knife. Hey ladies out there! Congratulations! We actually have a…

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Good Sharpening Stone & Tools

Sharpening my knives has got to be one of my favorite tasks/hobbies. When you take a dull blade and bring…

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Spyderco – Tenacious G-10

The Tenacious by Spyderco is a very popular folder and its reasons are simply because it is an affordable, quality…