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Foraging: Wild Mushroom (Chanterelle)

I am grateful that my husband Mike has showed me stuff that I didn’t know and encouraged me to love…

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Cooking Food and Making Coffee

What are we going to do without it? Cooking food and making coffee! Some say that everything smell and taste…

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Spring has Sprung!

Finally Spring! I was waiting for it for a while now! Just the thought of going outside without carrying heavy…

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Portable Kitchen Sink

Outdoor Kitchen Sink Water is very important… we all know that. But how to carry it from the water source…

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Ulu Knife

I think that the most interesting definition that Wikipedia gave is…a woman’s knife. Hey ladies out there! Congratulations! We actually have a…

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Camping Pack Grill

Pack Grill This is an important piece of gear that I find so useful when cooking outdoors. My Pack Grill….

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Cook Set

I like cooking & I enjoy doing it. My cook set is very important to me and you have seen…

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GSI Stainless Steel Kettle

This GSI Kettle is by far my favorite. That is why I decided to talk to you guys a little…

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Meal Kit by Light My Fire

If you like camping and having fun in the outdoors, you probably realize the importance of having a good meal…

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Mini Trangia Stove – Spirit Burner

This MINI ULTRALIGHT ALUMINUM Alcohol Stove by TRANGIA is perfect in your backpacks whether you are hiking or camping! This…