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  1. Greetings from Georgia, USA! Love the new website! Great job, Josie!

    Just thought I’d drop a quick note thanking you two for all the great videos. I made the fried rice the other night…put a little too much fish sauce and soy sauce, but still delicious. I often find myself watching or listening to them while I’m sitting in my cubicle at work. You have often been one of my outlets when I long to go get lost in the woods. When you head out, are you in a National Park or on private land? Where is your favorite place to go?

    I look forward to looking around the new site and thank you for all you do!
    God Bless,

    1. Yummy 🙂 We just had rice for supper! I’m glad that you liked it. Well, you can keep on joining us anytime you want, we love your company. We both like the National Parks as well as the private own lands because of different sceneries. We hope that we can continue being your outlet! 🙂 God Bless.

  2. Nice job on the new website. Very professional design, easy to read, not too ‘busy’…impressive. Good content so far too. Like the idea of the Vaseline container… why did I never think of that??
    Keep up the Good Work
    Willy Bruce

  3. Hi Mike and Josie

    Greetings from Scotland! Love your You Tube videos. In addition to being interesting and packed with knowledge, your love of the wilderness shines through in every episode. The new site is brilliant….well done to you both. Fantastic stuff.

    Keep up the good work.

    Best wishes


    1. Nice to hear from you Maggie, especially being from Scotland. My ancestors on my mother’s side are Scottish. Some of these days I am going to have to visit your beautiful country.

  4. Hey Mike I love your web sight! Josi did a great job along with some pretty good work of your own! Thanks so much.
    I learn much from your articles and of course your vids. This is a great step forward in fun educational advise for the outdoorsman. Again your work is very much appreciated. Thanks a million!

    1. Thank you Phil,I’m glad that you like it. It is all worth the effort knowing that people can learn & benefit from our blogs, that is encouraging to hear. Appreciate your support.

  5. Hi Mike and Josie,
    I would like to thank you for all the videos you do, and complement you on the new website. It looks great so far, and I can definitely see Josie’s influence with the colorful links! I really appreciate the books section, especially. Maybe throw some books into your videos sometimes. 🙂
    I would especially like to thank Mike for the “Lost Hunter” video, that was a terrific idea and a great job. Great camerawork, too. 😉
    Best wishes to both of you.

    1. Thank you Greg,I appreciate you noticing my touch. 🙂 Books definitely play an important role in learning from the past and the present. We will certainly consider your request. I am happy to know that the “Lost Hunter” video was of your liking. It took a lot of work & effort but it’s all worth it. Thanks again.

  6. Hi Mike and Josie. I just watched Mikes vid making a spoon from I believe he said willow. As I stated before, I sure like Mikes style. He started the vid without talking at all and began just beginning his project by choosing the wood by shape and size and went from there with a really good explanation of how he made his spoon. I’ve never seen it done before and I could tell the he enjoyed it a lot and took a special pride in finishing he own creation. It made me want to try it!

    Great job Mike. One of the best videos I’ve seen to date in style, design and production with excellent explanations

    Keep it up and I’ll be watching



    1. Thank you very much Larry for your encouraging word of support. I strongly suggest that you try carving a spoon. It is very relaxing and rewarding. Have fun!

      1. I will. I love working with wood. I like the feel and the smell and the end creation is just part of the reward. I can tell by the enjoyment that you get from it, that you feel much the same way.
        Thanks Mike,


  7. Hi, Josie and Mike. I`ve quickly checked you site, and I can say, there are a million usefull things, for both beginners, and experienced backpackers. You are doing us a great favour, helping us with great advices. Thank you for that, in the name of all nature lovers. And I`m happy for you guys, two souls, enjoying together and sharing the same love to the nature. You two have my respect. Regards from Calgary. Zoran.

  8. Really like your website. We tent camp at Superior National Forest. Have learned alot from your videos. Thanks much. ………..Dave

  9. Have you ever heard of a website called BushcraftUSA? It is not just for the USA but for everyone. You have a lot of knowledge and your presence would greatly benefit the website. Also, Your videos are very cool.

  10. Hi Mike, I just stumbled on to your YouTube vids and then your website. Very, very classy and informative work you have done! I know that it is a labor of love you have for the outdoors and bushcrafting, and it shows. I just wanted to encourage you, and let you know how much I enjoy watching and even learning some new things! Thanks for your hard work and effort!

  11. Hi Mike & Josie,
    Phill here from NZ, Thanks again for all your videos, I look forward to them every week.
    I have been following the bush craft community on you tube for a year or 2 now, and thanks to your videos have taking up an interest in carving and general bush craft. We have even been getting out into the bush as a family. Its been great.
    Today I had a go at making a fire piston, and finally got up the courage to post my first ever you tube video.
    Kinda scary but hey got to give it a go right?
    Here’s the link. you thoughts/ comments or advice would be greatly appreciated.



  12. Hello Mike and Josie from the UP of Michigan! I had a question about carving spoons and other utensels. Where we are we have an abundance of Maple, Poplar, Birch, and Bass trees. Besides Maple for spoon carving, have you used any of these other woods for carving, and what did you think of their characteristics? I think they use bass wood for duck decoy carving. Interested in your thoughts, and as always your videos are great. Thanks for the oportunity to share your knowledge and experience. One more question if I may. In summer, how do you handle (with out losing it) the mosquitoes and flies when they are bad. When it’s hot and humid, and no breeze blowing, sometimes they are unbearable and unrelenting, yet people have had to put up with them for generations. Any information would be appreciated.

    Thanks, Frank

    1. Hello Frank

      Well for someone who is just starting to carve I would certainly go with Poplar/Basswood…They are pretty similar in woods. They are soft and will be much easier to carve. They do have a tendency to splinter a lot so one must take his time. Because the wood is soft they will tend to bruise, crack and even burn if( lets say) left in a pot for too long.

      Maple would certainly be my first choice and then Birch. There woods are hard. They do not splinter and will make a very nice finished product at the end and if taken care of will last a long time. They are a little harder to carve but with a little patience well worth it.

      For the mosquitoes I only use one product and its from Watkins (the cream one not the spray) It lasts at least 6 hours before you have to put some more. If you cannot find it use something that contains deet (cream). Now a lot of people do not like deet because its not to healthy. Well for me I rather keep my blood in my body, keep me from becoming crazy and keep me from making serious mistakes because of the craziness that these mosquitoes bring than to wonder if this product could make me sick. I have used it for years and have never had any issues. There are natural products but the problem with them is that you have to keep putting some just about every half hour.

      Again its a choice and preference.


  13. Hi Mike and Josie,
    Here’s a request for a video I bet you have not gotten yet. You know with all the bushcraft channels on youtube, lately it seems just about every aspect of it has been covered. My question is how do you come up with ideas for videos that no one or few people have done. I do nature videos on my channel and already after only 40 or so I can see the idea well starting to dry up. I’m using a book called “Hiking Trails of North Georgia” for ideas, but after I’ve done them all what am I going to do? Any advice? ATB >

    1. Hi

      Well that is a good question that I sadly cannot put into words 🙁 I am a God believeing man and my inpirations come from Him and His creation. Stuff just pops into my head 🙂 Now I must admit that it has not always been the case but it is very rare that I have to look for ideas.

      You are right about everything being covered. As the old saying goes…we cannot re invent the wheel….but we can add to it. So my first advice is not really what you present but how…I will let your imagination do the rest :)…Meaning what can I add to this old wheel to make it more interesting or give it a fresh look.

      Second advice is many times when I go out to make a vid I get inspired to make another one from the immediate video. As I am doing a video I will come across (either by seeing or hearing even touching) something that will give me an idea for another video. So as you are out doing a video dont just concentrate on the video you are making. Keep an eye out on what you are seeing and your surroundings and you will see something will come up. Then when you get home you can concentrate on that idea and add to it to create something great. You should carry a small notebook and pen in the woods to write them down because as you walk into the wilderness and keep your mind clear as you observe you will see a lot of things you can do. Its important to write them down right away because if you are like me I usually forget them 🙂 Write them down as they go through your mind. Sometimes different ideas will come and there is nothing wrong in putting them all together to make one video.

      Wow I did not think I could write this much 🙂

      My last advice is a simple one but yet the most important. I have stopped looking for ideas when it comes to videos. I just go out and simply do what I love to do. This way stuff comes out so much easier. So ask yourself what is it that I love to do when I am out in the woods? And base your videos from that. It will make a good foundation and all you need to do is add to it.

      Well I hope this email was not too confusing. As I said it is very hard to put into words.

      God bless you and keep on making those videos….a lot of people are in need of them.



  14. Mike, Im from upstate NY, ADK Mountain area. Ive seen over the last two years all your videos at least two times each, especially your chaga videos. I now collect it regularly and you are right about how it is often found along small streams.
    I am now hooked on Chaga tea. I drink at least four to six cups every day for about two years now and have never felt better. Im a total woodsman all my life and never knew of chaga. Thanks a lot for all that Good Stuff. I think your friend Billy Rioux is Hilarious. The woods are an awesome place to live or visit and my kids love it also. I hope you and josie have plans to raise children someday,Im sure you would both make great parents. Thanks again, Tom Zaun

    1. Hello Tom and thank you so much for your kind words of support. It is really appreciated. I love hearing about what people are now doing in the forest and especially enjoying it with family.

      As for kids we are unable to have any because of health issues but thats ok dont feel bad for asking. We have accepted that a decade ago and its ok with us.

      You say hello to your kids for us and keep enjoying the wilderness.


  15. Hi Mike & Josie, thanks again for all the great videos.
    Just wondering? I would love to know sometime ( or maybe even see a video sometime if you had the chance to make one) How do you guys get on in your adventures dealing with some of the animals out there.
    Im often curious about how you go about protecting yourself and your gear from some of the more dangerous animals, e.g snakes/ spiders etc. Im sure you have basic protocols you use, just as second nature. But for us here in NZ we don’t have snakes or really even any deadly creepy crawlies. So its not a natural thing for us to be concerned about when we go into the bush. But I do often wonder how you deal with these creatures. or do you find its not so common to encounter anything like that? Would be very interested to know. Bless you both.

    1. You are very welcome friend. As for your question we neither have snakes and dangerous creepy crawlers to worry about. Its mostly the bigger fellaws like bears, cougars, coyotes etc…..

      Human attacks are extremely rare and happen for different reasons(which would be too long to explain in writing :). Prevention is always the best thing.

      Lets say bears. There can be a lot of bears in a certain region and in another not so much. Just like people there are a lot of people in cities and not so much in the country. But they are still there. Obviously the more bears the more careful you should be.
      When I am in an area where I know there are not too many bears I never worry about them but still will take some precautions. Like not cook my main meal in the evening but more at lunch. Bears are a lot more active in the evening and at night than during the day. Just dont want to play with fire. When I know there are a lot of bears I will then make sure that all my food, trash even toothpaste(because it contains sugar) are well stored away in a dry bag far from camp and will carry my bear spray just in case.

      All this to say that the 2 main precautions when you are in bear country are…When traveling(hiking) make sure to make some noise once in while so a bear knows you are coming and he will just go as fast as he can. You do not want to surprise a bear..he could feel threatened and could cause him to attack. 2nd keep food away from your camp before going to bed at night. Some people will also cook there food somewhere else than there campsite.

      I have never been attacked thank God and never really worry about them but when someone is not used to it even though he has done all the precautions and is well protected his mind will continue playing tricks on him especially at night 🙂 Every crack he heres, he will think its a bear.
      Anyway hope this helps you a bit. There is more info but I gave you in general what someone must do when in bear country.

      1. Hi, Thanks for the reply,
        It’s really interesting, It’s just something that I have thought about watching your videos as you both seem so relaxed in the environment out there, I suppose because we are spoilt here and have nothing that’s of any serious concern, other than maybe the odd wild boar, (they can inflict some damage if they feel cornered).

        We don’t have any predators here at all, for which I am very thankful. I often wonder about other parts of the world ad how vigilant you would need to be of things like that, but I guess if you are a local its just second nature. But I still think you are both fairly brave. I know you both have an amazing faith in God, and ultimately are in His hands when out in creation. Its great to see the respect you both have for your surroundings and the great adventures you go on.

        Stay safe out there!
        God Bless

  16. Hello. It is my first visit to your store and I was wondering if sending to europe. My English is not very good, hope to have translated well.

    1. The store is is Amazon USA, the shipping will depend on each store if they are willing to ship where you are. 🙁 Maybe you guys have an amazon in the the UK, just check it out, it will probably save you some shipping cost. Let us know if you need more information.

  17. hello, mike and josie,
    time to time i’ve watched your program on youtube. very nice. especially the modern teepee in the island. how can i contact somebody who built it. would let me know, please. have good journey.

  18. Hi Mike In the past I seem to remember you having a Jacklore Knife am I correct?
    If so how do you rate the knife as I am thinking about purchasing one.
    Many thanks for you time.
    Kind Regards
    God Bless

  19. Hey Josie & Mike. I’ve watched a program on YouTube and has been a pleasure to see how important the nature is you. I live in Finnish Lapland, where nature is an important part of my life.
    Merry Christmas, and New Year 2015


    1. Thank you very much Marko….That part of your country would be a great place to visit someday.

      A very Merry Christmas to you and your family as well. May 2015 be the best year for you.


  20. Josie and Mike!
    Thank you so much for your vids and your site. I like all the stuff very much. Here in Hungary we have of course much less forest but still I can learn a lots of useful things from your “lessons”/articles. Am happy that I can have something REAL to hand over to my kids when we are outdoor. Nowadays people nearly forgot such important things eg. how to make fire etc. From you new generations can learn these things easilly, as well as those can have some other views/styles who already have some experience.
    So well done, thanks again and keep it up!
    p.s.: do hope my english is not hurting you 🙂

  21. Hi guys, just wanted to let you know i love your vids, im from mexico and i was wondering, are you guys on couch surfing? i think you would make great hosts.

  22. Hi Mike
    Love your videos. Great job.
    Mike I’m an avid fly fisher and practice catch and lease.
    I would like to know which lake you were fishing at and how to get there .
    Thanking you in advance
    Kindest Regards

    PS again love your videos

    1. Thank you JT….appreciate that!

      Well there are a lot of lakes I fish in but where I go the most often is in Charlevoix. http://www.domainelacbrouillard.com/

      A pretty wild area in QC…..Charlevoix has a lot of good fishing areas I have not explored yet. Some of them are still discovering small lakes. I may be going to La Tuque this year. Another area that is great for fishing. Reserve faunique de Portneuf is also a great option.

      Hope this helps a bit….

  23. Hi Mike and Josie,
    I’m so glad to have “stumbled upon” one of your videos on YT. I must say that I have seen many fine
    videos on hiking, camping, and bushcraft but something about yours felt different somehow. You both
    exude such a sense of peace and joy for life that I felt compelled to visit your website. The source of your
    peace and joy became evident as I read your beautiful statement of faith in Christ! I too am blessed with an
    amazing wife who loves the Lord and exploring His amazing creation with heavy things strapped to our backs.
    Thank you both for the wonderful videos. Keep up the great work!
    Your friends in western Maine.

    1. Well all I have to say Scott is Praise the Lord 🙂 Its all about Him anyway. I really want to thank you for your kind words. They are truly appreciated.


  24. Greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ,
    Mike and Josie, I enjoy your videos immensely. Thank you so much! I’ve been viewing them now for about a year.
    My wife and I would like to send you a gift.
    Please send me your address and we will post it. Keep on keeping on.
    Jay & Carolann

  25. Hi there Mike and Josie.
    I won’t be really original, but hey! I have to say it : Great site, great and informative vids. You make a great job for people starting in Bushcrafting, and I guess for others too!
    I have to say that your “coffee breaks” are great – it looks like I have the same addiction to coffee as you do 🙂
    I was wondering if you could touch on something you haven’t yet – pot cleaning (the black stuff from the fire – “la suie” in French)
    I tried my DYI fire box “clone” the other day in the backyard with my army canteen, and it naturally got all black. When you prepare your coffee, your kettle must also be full of that black stuff. Do you just put it back in you pack like this? What do you use to clean (stuff from nature, soap, …). Of course, there isn’t enough to make a 30 minute video, but if you could briefly talk about this while you are filming other things, it would be great.
    So again, thanks for sharing that facette of your life and giving these great advises – looking forward for your next video!
    I’ll be “cheering” with you on your “coffee break” in your next vid! 🙂

    Olivier from Repentigny

    PS J’ai décidé d’écrire en anglais puisque ton site et tes vidéos le sont, mais je suis francophone 🙂 …tu l’auras remarqué!

  26. Hey Mike, hope you are having a great time. Have been following your videos for over a year. Currently in London UK, but soon moving back to Czech Republic. Your videos are very insiprational. Cannot wait to disappear into the Czech forrest or fish on the lakes we have and put some of your ideas into a test. Have a ball, Petr

  27. Hi there Mike and Josie.
    I have a question about Chaga.
    I have harvested what I believe is chaga : huge clump of “something” that grew on a birch tree.
    It has the crusty black outer part, which I find looks like asphalt, and the interior is brownish, has the look of a cork – I find it looks like sponge-taffy.
    So, I have 2 questions you might be able to answer to help me make sure I have the right thing:
    1. Although the thing I harvested isn’t wet – it’s been sitting on my desk for a week with no trace of moisture – it is quite heavy.
    2. Are there other “look-alike” fungus that we could mistake for chaga and that we should avoid at all cost?

    And here are others that are for when I am sure I have the right thing:
    I read somewhere (can’t remember where) that chaga is a “sterile fungus”. Does it mean that it can’t carry parasites?
    Related to that last question, should it be washed before consuming?
    Do you boil it or just simmer it?
    Do you put the complete chunk or break it appart for “smaller” batches of chaga tea?
    How do you keep the rest you have? In a sealed container? In darkness? In a cool place?

    Sorry for these questions in bulk – I believe you have some of these answered in some of your videos, but since I saw these a long time ago, I don’t know which ones would be the ones to watch. Also, this might be a good place to put them all together…if you have time. Else, just point me to the right videos if you know them by heart, or the rough date so I can do better search.

    Merci beaucoup pour tout le temps que tu mets dans tes vidéos! C’est un pur bonheur de teregarder.
    Je bois un café à ta santé, et dis un beau bonjour à Josie!

    1. Funny…just saw your video “A date in the woods” which answered a couple of my questions.
      Still missing the identification part though.


  28. I have been watching you guys for the last few months now. Love what you do and love your outlook on life and God. I do have a question though. Where are you guys located? What area? I am in South western Ontario, Canada right off of the coast of Lake Erie.

  29. Writing from Mississippi. Enjoyed your video on youtube. I wish I would have found them earlier. Checked out your website. Mike and Josie keep up the good work. I have some catching up to do on these videos. Will be watching for more. God Bless!


    1. Thank you for writing to us. We have been to Missippi! We like the area, the folks are really nice and friendly. We hope that you will enjoy more of our the videos, thank you for checking our website. God Bless Steven.

      Mike & Josie

  30. Hey Mike….I watch your channel and love what you do for the outdoors….I’m gonna be in saint Anne de beaupre qc. and wanted wanted to know if you knew of any good rivers to fish in that area ??

  31. Hi Mike, hi Josie!

    Love your Videos!

    In your last Video you walked one step from the trail and you senk down in to the snow. Trying to get out you filmed the ground. In one scene (6min:19 sec) I saw a track of a deer or somthing. There was not only a hidden river. There were some hidden animals for you too! :-)) Thank you for this great video. Bye Andreas

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