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    1. We have seen them both (moose and bear) in some of our adventures together but Mike has encountered them also in the past without nothing bad happening.

  1. Hi there. Long time youtube viewer, and congrats on the website! Looks excellent so far. I was looking through the Gear section and saw mention of Canadian Tire. So i have to assume you both live in Canada. I was just curious where abouts, and do you own forest land you do your bushcraft in/on? Or is it public parks, and campgrounds? Thanks!

    1. Hi Chris, yes we are from Canada. When we do our videos we go to different places. Some are parks, some reserves, and we also have a permission on a private land. Thanks for watching our videos, we appreciate your support.

  2. Great idea! And the website are allready filled with information. You have been working well Josie! I will follow your web page in addition to your youtube channel.
    Wish you both a great week my friends

    All the best wishes,
    Odd – Norwegian Bushcraft

  3. Congrats on the website! It looks awesome already! I have been watching you guys for a long while — I’m from Central Manitoba so I can relate to a lot of your environment! 🙂 I don’t post often on your comments, but maybe I should start! I think you two are great and you both inspire me with awesome ideas 🙂 … and looks like spring is finally coming— FINALLY! Hope we all have an amazing summer — Take care!

    1. Thanks Brenda, yes, Spring! We have been getting a lot of snow here, another storm is coming tomorrow, that will surely help it 🙂 We are glad that that you are getting some ideas. Thanks for posting 🙂

  4. I enjoyed reading the interview. Thanks very much for your youtube channel. It really is a great place to learn and be inspired to take time to enjoy nature.

    1. Steve, that’s nice to hear. Inspiring people & getting them excited for the outdoors is our ultimate goal. Thanks for telling us about that.

  5. The two of you are GREAT ! You’ve pushed the “Out door” button on me, I have been away for some time do to work load. Well I am retired and have no reason not to get out their. I have watched all you put on the web, love the fact that your getting bigger – with the Web site. Keep up the GREAT work and I will watch and learn new tricks and tips. (Don’t be afraid to put up what not to do. At 66 years old, I could write a book or two. LOL)

    As I said before you two are GREAT !


    1. Thank you sir that’s very kind of you. Experience is priceless so whenever you get your books printed… send us a copy 🙂 Have a great day!

  6. You have some of the most enjoyable wilderness videos on the internet. The Quebec locations bring back great memories. In 1988 and again in 1990, while living in Washington DC, I took my young family on trips up to a small guest camp on the Basketong Reservoir. Only a portable short-wave radio connected us to the outside world. No telephone, no television, no newspapers. Just glorious nature around us. We fished for Pike and Walleye — excuse me, Dore’– and explored the Laurentian region. We were amazed that the temperature at mid-day could reach 95 degrees, but a weather front would blow in and at 2 am it would plummet to 30 degrees and I would have to hop out of bed to build a fire in the stove. Ha ha. My children are grown up now, but they remember those adventures in Quebec as some of the greatest trips of their childhood. My 30-year old son’s passion nowadays is making solo backpacking trips into wilderness areas, so our Canadian vacations had a big impact on him. And for us, the parents, a week in a cabin on the Basketong with the long August days was like relaxing for a month. In fact the most relaxing vacations we ever took. Thanks for the videos.

    1. What a beautiful story. Yes the temperature can change drastically 🙂 Wow I love to hear how parents have created an impact for the great outdoors to their children. Good for you!

      I really appreciate the time you took to send me this email…Thank You! and you are welcome.


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