Multi-Purpose Collapsible Molle Pouch – Maxpedition

This bag surprised me! When Mike gave this Mini RollyPoly to me, he didn’t tell anything else about it. I was wondering why would people even bother to make such a tiny little bag that it could hardly contain a thing… so small… it’s really MINI! 

rollypoly molle poucherollypoly molle pouche

Then my husband said, “Open it.” So I did. Wow! I was really impressed! I mean this thing opens up into a decent size pouch or container of some kind.


Folded: 3.5″ long x 2.25″ wide x 1.5″ thick

Opened: 4″ diameter, 8″ tall

Material: Nylon

I really like the collapsible feature of this pouch; it’s cool, lightweight & really compact… The pouch was treated for water & dirt resistance. One of the things that I like about the pouch is the strength of the stitches; it is not flimsy; and I can easily attach it to my Vulture II backpack or just  carrying it around my belt.

rollypoly molle pouche

rollypoly molle pouche

rollypoly molle pouche

The backpack in the pictures is the Canadian Patrol Pack.

I have used my pouch to carry my bottle container, a few kits for a small hike, gathering some wild edibles like the fiddleheads.

 Maxpedition has many great products that Mike & I enjoy. We will post more of them in the future. Watch out 🙂

I appreciate you reading this blog, thanks for your time & great support to the BushcraftBartons. God Bless!


Available Colors: Black, OD Green, Khaki, Foliage Green, Khaki-Foliage, Emergency Red, Orange Foliage, Safety Yellow

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  1. kan zee says:

    I love Maxpedition a lot, but if it came down to my favorite..I would have to go with Leather pouches, haversacks,Packs and sheaths..2nd place is definitely Maxpedition. Cheers. this is a great site …gotta go, and check out the rest of the pages for now.

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