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Bird’s Nest! Make it Work!

Bird’s Nest! Make it Work! First let’s see what Wikipedia gives as a description. Saves me some work. What! Wikipedia…

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Camping Headlamp/Headlight

Headlights! That has got to be one of the best inventions when it comes to lights. The main reason is…

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Quality Emergency Whistle

This has become such an underestimated product over the years. That is kind of sad because in a way it…

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Making Char cloth

Char cloth (also called charpaper) is a swatch of fabric made from vegetable fiber (such as linen, cotton or jute) that has been converted via pyrolysis into a slow-burning fuel…

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Before Setting Up Camp

Here are a few important suggestions before considering setting up your campsite. Choosing the right place will not only protect…

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Fire Starting Methods

Starting a fire to provide for your needs must be the greatest thing ever when it comes to bushcraft. Who…

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Natural Tinder

Birch bark – – what an amazing tree. No need writing about this one. Liquid resin/pitch –  is the gas of…

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Leather Pouches

What’s not to like about leather? One, it just looks cool, it’s traditional and there is an unexplainable feeling about it….

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Good Sharpening Stone & Tools

Sharpening my knives has got to be one of my favorite tasks/hobbies. When you take a dull blade and bring…

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GSI Stainless Steel Kettle

This GSI Kettle is by far my favorite. That is why I decided to talk to you guys a little…