Winter can be difficult at times, it is not always easy to just go out & have fun because the cold is after you! There are many activities that winter has to offer & one of them is what we enjoy… Snowshoeing! I just love to hear the “cold crispy sound” of the ground as I walk with my snowshoes! It’s music to my ears!

So, dress up, gear up, come with us & enjoy the TRAIL!


 Video: Steak on Coals on a Winter Day! 

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4 Responses to Snowshoeing

  1. Barry says:

    Mike and Jose,what religion do you practice and why.

  2. N. Cary Fuhr says:

    I just viewed your “Men’s Mental Health” video and felt compelled to let you know that I subscribed and “liked” the video BECAUSE of your #3 suggestion for important steps in leading yourself toward a healthy mental state. There is no more important step a human being can make in their life than to believe in God, and to hold in your heart the fact that Jesus died on the cross to pay for our sins. I fall short of feeling I deserve forgiveness of my sins and am completely in awe that Jesus did this for me. My belief in this and my faith in the word compelled me to immediately subscribe when you expressed this as the most important step man can take. Thank you for your lack of fear.

  3. Bob Simmons says:

    Hi Mike I just watched your video on men’s mental health and found it very informative.
    I have and a battle with cancer and have had health issues since and there has been many days that i wish i wasn’t alive .So thank you for the suggestions on how to cope.I know your busy but could you recommend what church or religion to go to. I have thought of asking God for help but never knew what first step should be.
    Thank You

  4. Douglas Charles Freeman says:

    i can’t remember , are ya way up Canada way or??

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