Portable Kitchen Sink

Outdoor Kitchen Sink

Water is very important… we all know that. But how to carry it from the water source back to camp has always been a puzzle to me. Whether it be for washing dishes, for hygiene, for cooking, or even putting out your fire, a container is important.

portable camping kitchen sink portable camping kitchen sink

There are many different types of water containers that you could bring depending on where you are going. I think that this one is worth sharing! I actually spotted this a while ago and finally got it.

Mike & I recently camped overnight and it was the perfect moment to try my new gear. The KITCHEN SINK! It contains 5 litres of water. They also exist in 10 & 20 litres as well. portable camping kitchen sink

This gear is superlight. It opens up pretty wide and doesn’t fold/tip over. I filled it up with water and sat beside the campfire and it stayed there all night ready to be used the following morning.

I had fun using it last night to hold and wash my vegetables for cooking then went back to the creek to get some water as a reserve just in case I need more water for my beef stew!  portable camping kitchen sink

Of course you could wash your utensils and dishes but please try using a biodegradable soap.


Top Opening 8 inches

Bottom 10 inches

Height 5 inches

It comes with a small round pouch (4.5”) in diameter and (1.5”) in thickness, super handy, compact, and lightweight. I also like the mark “LEAVE NO TRACE” at the bottom of the sink.

Once the sink is open it may look complicated to put it back in the pouch, but it`s not. Just look on the bottom side of the pouch and it tells how to quickly fold it back into place. Just make three circle folds then put it back into its pouch. portable camping kitchen sink

Actually it can be used as a hat as well just in case someone really needs it! It covered both my ears pretty good and part of the back neck when it got chilly last night. portable camping kitchen sink

I think that this is a very cool product. I should have brought it with me when I picked up some wild blueberries on the trail a while back.

I can’t wait to use it again!

Sorry folks, been so busy lately but we are working on getting more blogs into the website. Thank you for your patience and we always appreciate your time looking around.

If you have any questions, just write them below and I will be glad to answer them for you. I have also left a link for you where you may be able to purchase this wonderful KITCHEN SINK if you are interested.

Have fun and stay safe on the trail! Remember… Leave No Trace. 🙂




AMAZON CANADA  https://goo.gl/9XQdEO

AMAZON CO.UK  https://goo.gl/V7kxsd


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4 Responses to Portable Kitchen Sink

  1. Sam Davis says:

    Hello Mike , Just found this last night ,a new kind of Solar light great for outdoors .www.mpowerd.com . I realy do enjoy your videos . Have you ever checked this website ? http://www.bushcraftusa.com Sam in Arkansas USA .

    • JB says:

      Thanks for sharing Sam, they have contacted us a few months ago but haven’t heard back from them since. They are suppose to be sending us some samples, think they are out of stock. Looks pretty cool & I’m curious how it will perform.

  2. Dear Josie,
    Thanks for the useful presentation of this little foldable bowl. I have two of them, the 5L and the 10L as well. I like the unremarkable coulors too. Use them in the same way as you described. By the way, those Kitchen Sinks could be stored easily in the small Pans of the Zebra Billy Pots underneath the Lids. The 5L version fits fine in the 14cm (2L) Pot Pan and the 10L Kitchen Sink fits good in the low Pan of the 16cm (3L) Billy Pot.
    The high prices of those Sinks is a drawback, of course.
    ATB. Franz, bugikraxn.

    • JB says:

      Hello Franz, thank you for sharing some tips concerning the product, yes it’s a bit pricy but it’s so worth it. Maybe I will get the bigger one next time. Thank again, appreciate the input.

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