A.R.Z. Black Bracelet for Men

A.R.Z. STEEL – Bracelet for Men

Fashion is always changing! There is always something new out there being made to attrack everyday consumers.

Who doesn’t like jewelry? I think that men and women in general wear some type of jewelry depending on their style and taste. The majority of us probably own silver or gold, but there’s MORE!

Once in a while, my husband and I like to stroll (especially me) 🙂 in the mall just “window shopping.” One of our favorite things to do is checking the new watches by Timex. But where there are watches… there is also jewelry!

My husband is not a “bracelet” type of a guy. I have never seen him wearing one. One time we were in a jewelry store… we saw some beautiful crafts! One of the things that caught our eyes was this new style of bracelet. Wow! They really looked beautiful and so cool.

A.R.Z Steel Stainless Steel 316L Bracelet for Men

arz steel bracelet for men


Metal: 316L Stainless Steel

Finish: Matt

Other: Black I.P Plating Beads (Adjustable)

Color: Black & Silver


Length: 8.5 inch

Width: Leather 6mm

Let me tell you that from the moment that he tried it on… I knew it was a done deal!


One of the amazing features that we like with this particular model is the combination of different materials like leather and stainless steelI.P. plating beads which provides a cool design. It also contains a magnet that makes attaching both of the ends easier. Just screw and lock.

arz steel magnetic lock


He’s been wearing it every day since and he really likes it. The perfect combination of leather and stainless steel is what made the difference. Not too “leathery” but not too “metallic” either. It was just right!

The plating beads on both sides are adjustable if you want to change the “look” which actually gives another style.

arz steel black bracelet

In general, I have no regret buying it and there was no complain 🙂 I give this product a ♥♥♥♥♥

I have purchased this at our local jewelry store where I live. There was a little black pouch included when I purchased this model.

And by the way, there are also bracelets for women. They sell various products from necklaces, earrings, pendants, and even some accessories.

If you’re interested in owning one or maybe give it as a gift for someone. I provided you with a link to their website.

Happy Shopping!


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