Key Chain Organizer

I was tired of having my keys all tangled up when I wanted to use them because of my keychain setup until I saw THE SOLUTION!

The Nite Ize KeyRack

key chain organizer

This is got to be the BEST THING that has ever happened to my keychain set! When I saw this with Mike’s keychain, I was jealous & I told him that I wanted a set. After a week of waiting… got it in the mail & I was happy 🙂

Right away I rearranged my keys. Wow! They look great together and IN ORDER! No more tangles & twist and I was extremely satisfied with the result. The Nite Ize has taken care of my small problem.

As you can see I have all kinds of stuff hanging beside my keys!

I just love this set. In fact I liked it so much that we even gave some to our friends and they had the same reaction as well. It’s pretty cool, practical & useful! It haskey chain organizer 1 stainless carabiner with 6 colorful strong platic s-biners.

This is another one of my products that I enjoy and it could be a perfect little gift. They come in different colors (black, gray, assorted colors). The Nite Ize is awesome. I like my keychain now! Thought I would share this one with you guys   as well.

WARNING: You may like it too 🙂

2 thoughts on “Key Chain Organizer

  1. Thanks Jose. Just ordered 3 last week and they arrived today. You were right they are pretty cool and a great way to organize keys and such. I had planned on giving one to my husband for Christmas but he was home home when the package arrived. Keep up the good work with the videos. I really learning from you both.
    Anne Berry

    1. Thank you Anne Berry for reading the blog, we made a couple of gifts to friends as well and they liked it! Enjoy & many thanks for the encouragement, appreciate it. Josie

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