RAT 1 Folder Knife

Now this is the SECOND FOLDER that I use and if you are looking for a nice chunk of a knife at an AFFORDABLE PRICE, this ONE is for YOU!

It’s not oversize by any means but when you hold it in your hands you feel like you got something that will do ALL the jobs. Rat 1 Folder Knife

As you see in the pictures its the Ontario Rat Model 1 with a plain edge. Always love my blades plain. Serrated is just a pain to sharpen.

The Rat is a rock solid construction and the best news is that you can probably get it under $30US.

The blade material is AUS8 which is a good steel. The blade lenght is around 3 5/8, thickness is about 1/8 and tapers down towards the tip.

Rat 1 Folder Knife

The Scales are made of a black nylon also very strong and grippy.

Measures 5 inches. So once open the folder is 8 ½ inches. Now thats a knife for a folder.

For the price, construction, quality, I don’t think anything beats that out there.

It has also a liner lock and the deployment with one hand is fast. The thumb stud is reversible.

I have to say that this is by far my best folder for the price. If you don’t mind carrying something a little heavier but dependable dont think twice about it.

This is not a review but just a few thoughts and opinions that may help you or not.


Handles are available in OTHER COLORS

AMAZON CANADA                     https://goo.gl/xzBVVe

AMAZON CO.UK                         https://goo.gl/ggQE6M

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3 Responses to RAT 1 Folder Knife

  1. Kevin Moon says:

    I’ve had a rat 1 for about 3 years now and I love it. If I’m going out for a hike then I use it as my main knife if its more than a hike then its still in my pocket as my back up blade, I never go to the woods with out it!

  2. Ken Greanya says:

    Hello Mike and Josie! I am a fan of your youtube channel, and I am pleased to have discovered your website. Excellent job! Thank you for sharing your experience and knowledge with us all.

    I use a RAT One folder every day, and like it so much, that I bought a spare. You are right, it is a solid knife that is quite affordable. A nice touch on this knife is the multiple positions that the pocket clip can be arranged, allowing for left or right hand carry, as well as tip up, or tip down carry.

    • JB says:

      Could not have said it better myself… it is certainly a very affordable folder for everyday use. Thank you for your comment Ken.

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