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Mount Sugar Loaf (650 meters in height) at Sainte-Lucie-de-Beauregard, QC

BushcraftBartons Mt. Sugar Loaf

What a great way to start the year with a challenge! Mike & I took a few days off to our favorite getaway! We wanted to climb this mountain with a spectacular view last year but it didn’t happen so we decided to do it as we finish the year 2014 & welcome the new year 2015. Leaving with a small kit on our backs,  and each a pair of walking poles we didn’t bother putting on our snowshoes, we started our little adventure early that morning.

This mountain was tough & rough especially for the winter time. We didn’t have enough snow this year so far so we said this would be an easy one right? It started perfectly, actually it was sunny and the surrounding was beautiful as we head into the thick forest. Then we saw a road…. which we crossed and led us to another trail to continue our journey.

We got excited as the trail slowly ascended and we were so sure that it was the mountain  (Mount Sugar Loaf). BushcraftBartons Mt. Sugar LoafWe were excited, adrenaline was still pretty good, lots of energy! The sun was perfectly shining through the trees… good for filming. A perfect scenery!

But it didn’t take long when we realized that we were already descending. It cannot be!

What! Where was the view?

We understood later that it was not the mountain we were looking for so we continued trekking. It was clear & obvious that nobody had been there yet because the fresh snow from the storm the night before was undisturbed.

So we kept on descending. So after a few hours more in the maple forest I started to find it long. We were getting tired, exhausted, & hungry, super cold….. and this mountain seemed to move everytime we got closer. As Mike would say, “One step is equivalent to three.”

Mike was so encouraging & supporting even though he saw that I was struggling :(. But I just wanted to share with you some things you probably already know. I could have decided to end it, just turn back and head home. Here are some thoughts that came to mind….

“Look, can’t you see? Nobody has been here yet due to the snow storm last night. How long will you endure? You’re tired, thirsty, cold & your body is aching for rest. Besides, you can always come back and do it some other time, what about in the summer?“

What if something bad happens, like an accident falling down. Now you’re in trouble, no signal for your phone here. Rescue mission would be hard because it’s the 1st of January, they are all off! Someone has to hike back & get help.“

With all these thoughts in mind, there was one particular that stood among the rest. 

“Anybody can quit & turn around because it was hard but very few will persevere and push through to get to the top… the choice is yours Josie.“That is why it’s called a challenge. Challenges always make you swim against the current. So it will be hard.

I’m glad I made the right choice. I told Mike after. I thought it was worth sharing this with you all.

Sometimes there are things that we go through life that is rough & tough but I would like to encourage you never to give up. Stay on the trail and make it to the top. Don’t quit! And I’m not just speaking about trails in the forest but of life.

So, we made it to the top! It was windy! We stayed for couple of minutes and we headed back down. I thought we were the only crazy ones on the trail but as we descended slowly we met more hikers, one in particular was a young lady and she said that she was glad that there was a trail & someone went before them. 🙂

It was a great feeling to encourage every hiker that we met on the trail telling them that they too can do it, that they were not very far from the goal and that they could make it to the top as well. BushcraftBartons Mt. Sugar Loaf


This is not to put yoursef in danger in anyway. Be wise and use discernment. Make sure people know where you are & take all necessary precaution as you hike.

Thanks for your time. We always appreciate your friendship & support.

“The Lord is my strength & my refuge.”

Happy Trail & God Bless!


17 thoughts on “What’s New!

  1. Hello Mike, great videos and lots of great information. Bought some needed supplies off your site and will continue to support. Great to see another stick and string shooter doing it right. Thanks

  2. God job y’all. Sharon and I can relate somewhat. In ’03 we were at the bottom of Mt Washington enjoying 83 degrees and headed to summit. Got there it was 38 and blowing a gale! And that was late July! Hope you had your FWFS. Smiles. God bless….

  3. What a great story, you both are an inspiration to others to get out there and enjoy life to the fullest. It really was a beautiful place to visit. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Mike,

    Thanks for your fun and informative videos. Always a pleasure to spend a few minutes keeping up with your adventures.

    Bought a couple much needed items from your Amazon store and the Bahco is already in my pack looking for it’s first outing,.

    Thanks again,

  5. I have enjoyed many hours of relaxation with your videos. Thank you for access to such a Blessing.
    I have searched extensively today trying to discover what video camera you started with and what would you recommend to an old man wanting to share his retirement with his grandchildren through video.

    I fish from an inflatable 9′ pontoon with 2 and 4 pound test mostly on a 64 acre pond. Native Cutthroat trout, planted Crappie and Black Bass. You would both enjoy. Osprey nest every year in a side valley off the pond and every other year or so American Bald Eagles nest in different valley.

    I often camp here and during the week or inclement weather, I am usually the only one fishing, let alone camping at the pond. At 61 I am once again breaking down my BOB to a manageable weight. You are helping more than you will ever know.

    Once again, thank you both for the wonderful site. It is a pleasure to recommend you to my friends and family.

    God Bless You and Yours. May you all be healthy and happy.

    1. Thank you Sir for your kind words of support and encouragement. I also loved reading your email. Looks like such a great place to spend some quality time.

      The only camera that I can recommend is the one I am using right now. You are going to want to have an HD camera because it has such a quality picture. Especially doing what you are wanting to do…Creating priceless memories for your grandchildren. It can be a little pricy but completely worth it. I have had it for more than 3 years now and its been through some rough times. I have not had any problems with it.

      I will leave you the link to the store and on your right you will see a column of titles. Look for the one that says…My camera for YT…and click on it. It will show you what it is. It is not too hard to understand how it works. Pretty simple. If you ever have issues in knowing on how it works. Youtube has a lot of videos on it that will help you become an expert 🙂

      Anyway I praise God for your kind words and what a wonderful gift that your grandchildren will receive. Nothing like it!!

      Here is the link: http://bushcraftbartons.com/outdoor-store

  6. I saw this video and marveled at the toughness of both you and Mike. I watched it to the end and thought it was one of the best videos of pure adventure seen on Bushcraftbartons. Now that I’ve read “the rest of the story” , it makes the video complete. Way to go Josie. Sometimes out of nowhere comes the pay-off. Giving encouragement and happiness. That really is a big part of Mikes and your videos on o You Tube. I don’t miss a one and I especially liked your trip to Haiti this time. GOOD STUFF ALL.

    Larry McGinnis

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