I got this cute emergency radio as a gift two years ago and I love it!

One of the things that I like about it is that this radio can be powered by either solar, batteries, AC adapter, or simply by cranking it. Awesome!

Interesting Features:

Reading Lamp


SOS Light

Ear Phone Jack

Solar Panel

USB Port – Charge cell phones, iPod/MP3’s

Cell phone power tip (connectors)

AM/FM/SW1/SW2 Band

7 Weather Band from NOAA



I use this at home listening to my favorite station, I have it with me in the kitchen all the time. 

Once I heard two beeps!!! It was the NOAA alert weather band telling me that there is a storm coming. What I do is I set the middle button on “Weather” and the last button to the right on “NOAA Alert.” I basically just leave it ON.

A lot of times I don’t even look at the news, it’s neat that this emergency radio warns me when there is a storm coming. It will beep twice and the announcer will start talking about the present weather and the storm coming as the condition progresses. Because I live in Quebec, they announce it first in french then followed by english. I really like that! It’s cool!

So far, all the features indicated above function very well with no problem.


This is a pretty cool little radio that can do a lot of things for me. I have brought this in wild remote places where running water and electricity does not exist and I still enjoy the service that it provides me all the time.

Also, I like the idea that I can charge my cell phone through this radio. Even though I’m out somewhere in the “boonies” with no service, I still like the idea that my phone is FULLY CHARGED. 


I like the extra lights that it gives especially when we are in remote camps… they come in handy.

I like the Weather Band that provides me with regular updates of the weather condition regardless of my location.


The weight is just right. The size is 8x5x2.6 inches, not compact but it’s perfect for me. I don’t mind bringing it with me in my pack.

The solar panel which also serves as the reading lamp can rotate a full 180 degrees angle for optimal charging. Cranking it allows your battery to charge slowly but you may also charge the radio under strong sunlight. Set the power OFF and let the sunlight charge the battery. Charging it just by the light from home is not enough, I prefer cranking it which delivers a faster result.

In general, there’s nothing that I don’t like about the KAITO VOYAGER KA500. It works perfectly fine the way I like it. Another nice gadget to have and to add in my collection.




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