Folding Saw – Laplander by Bahco

What a difference it makes when you know that you can count on your TOOLS! The Laplander by Bahco is an excellent sawing tool that comes very handy & easy to use. An axe is an important tool but there are things that only a saw can do!


Folding SawWhat I like about it, is its ability to do the job of cutting & preparing my firewood without spending a lot of energy. The teeth of the blade cuts perfectly without much effort.  Folding Saw

I think that this is one of my favorite tasks to do besides cooking whenever we are out camping. Isn’t it interesting that in the “old days” & in some cultures it is the responsibility of women to gather materials for fire to keep their homes warm… of course cooking is related while the men take care of the hunt.

folding saw

The blade is 8 inches long; weighs 200g; 9 inches when closed; 16 inches when open. I also like the safety lock that secures the blade into place (picture on the left). Just push the little button to release the blade & it’s ready!

My very first saw was about the same size as the Laplander. But the big difference is I spend less effort cutting my pieces of wood because the blade makes all the difference. So I was very happy when Mike gave me this gift a few years ago. I just simply love it!

If you are looking for a good quality folding saw that is not too big and effective. I highly recommend the Laplander by Bahco. I have used this saw both in sawing soft and hard wood and I have no problem getting the job done.

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