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I will just be quick and talk about the multi-tool I use. This is the subject on products we enjoy! So here goes…

First let’s take a look at Josie’s multi-tools. She has the Multi-Plier 400 Compact Sport Pliers, Gerber 05500. It’s a good tool and she enjoys it but what I do not like about it in general is that the tools are only accessible from the inside; not good for me.

 Here’s the description:

  • 11 Tools including wire cutter and Fiskars scissors
  • Ultra compact 5.75″/1.2″ wide
  • Stainless steel 
  • Silver
  • Weighs 6.0 oz

(Large and small screwdrivers, Crosspoint screwdriver, Drop point knife blade, Can opener, Bottle opener/medium screwdriver, Fiskars Scissors).

The Leatherman Squirt is her favorite because it is small, compact and fits on her keychain with useful tools when it comes to her personal needs…purse.

  • Blade Length: 1.6 inches
  • Closed Length: 2.25 inches
  • Weight: 1.9 oz

(Tweezers, Spring-action scissors, Flat Phillips Screwdriver, Ruler, Nail file, Nail Cleaner, Medium Screwdriver & extra small one, Bottle opener, 420 HC Blade).

Now for me my brand is of course Leatherman. A well know brand for its quality and durability. But one problem! Which one them should I get. Let me make it simple for you. Either the Leatherman Charge AL or Leatherman Wave are the ones I use and would be my first choices.

Why? One thing before I get into that, the 2 Leatherman’s (Charge AL and Wave are identical when it comes to having the same tools, just the looks that are different) they are just about the right size for me to carry every day.

The bigger ones like the Surge is also a very dependable tool but too heavy to carry every day. There are a lot more multi-tools that Leatherman make that are comparable to what I use but I am not getting into that I would probably have to write 10 more pages to cover them.

So the main reasons for me to carry this multi-tool everyday are: Leatherman is a quality brand that you can depend on. This size is perfect for me, for everyday carry and it contains the right tools for my needs. That’s it!

Let me finish this blog by giving you a little description of my main carry when it comes to a multi-tool. The Leatherman Charge AL (by the way I like the black scales on it; they come out nicely and give it a cool look.

  • Primary Blade Length: 2.9 in | 7.37 cm
  • Closed Length: 4 in | 10 cm
  • Weight: 8.3 oz | 235 g
  • Needle Nose Pliers
  • Regular Pliers
  • Hard-wire Cutters
  • Wire Cutters
  • Wire Stripper
  • 154CM Knife
  • 420HC Serrated Knife
  • Saw
  • Spring-action Scissors
  • Ruler (8 in | 19 cm)
  • Can Opener
  • Bottle Opener
  • Wood/Metal File
  • Diamond-coated File
  • Large Bit Driver
  • Small Bit Driver
  • Medium Screwdriver

A Multi-Tool is an all-around great piece of gear to have.



8 thoughts on “Quality Multi-Tools

  1. I just bought my first leatherman last month and I like a lot. I bought the leatherman rebar. After useing it for a bit I did find two things I would change if I could. It doesnt have scissors and none of the tools can be used from the out side. Opening the tools from the inside is a minor inconvenience for me but no scissors bugs me. I have been carrying the victorinox officer for about 14 years now and love it. I wish other multi tool companies would make the same style can opener as victorinox. They are by far the best. No mater what tool you buy there are always tools that are for me personally, useless. I would love for leatherman and victorinox to offer custom kits. You choose the tools.
    The quality of leatherman multi tool is great and no matter which one you choose to buy it is going to last.
    Josie and Mike great job on the web site. You guys are the best!

    1. You are so right, I wish we could choose our own tools. Like for me, right now I am missing an AWL to complete my multi tool but then again if I choose a multi tool with an AWL, I will be missing other important tools. Those custom kits would be great but I guess it could be too much to handle for the companies. But I’m still happy with what I’ve got. Actually the leatherman SURGE has everything I need. The only problem is that it’s too big. Thanks for sharing Mark.

      1. Hi,

        While I don’t consider myself as a knife/multitool fanatic, I do appreciate their convenience. I have been carrying a multitool and a flashlight every single day since January 1998 (do you remember the icy rain storm that hit Quebec, Ontario and northern New England 17 years ago?). As a telecom/network tech by trade and a volunteer for many good causes, I got myself out of trouble quickly so many times it is impossible to keep count.

        Well, I had enough of the cheaper and crapy multitools out there and I bought my first Leatherman last year. Since, I bought another two three for very specific reasons.

        Here they are:

        * A Rebar: my very first Leatherman. Nothing can beat it. For everyday carry, I found it is impractical since you need your two hand to get the tool you need. I give it a second life in the tool bag that I keep in my car.
        * A Micra: the Rebar does not have a scissor. It soon became a problem so I purchased a Micra to get with. It complements very well the Rebar, providing other smaller tools.
        * A Wingman. It was my main everyday carry for a bit more than a year. External blade and scissors can be used single handed. It also have a clam shell opener and spring operated pliers that are simply awesome (I wonder why Leatherman is not incorporating this feature in all their multitools). However, the cable cutters are not replaceable and the screwdrivers bits are the worst you can have.
        * A Surge, with the bit kit. While being bigger than any other multitool I owned over the years, I found it the most usable of all. Its two blades, scissors and saw/file holder can be opened single handed. (Be aware that you can use the Bosch type jigsaw blades with a few adjustments, if any. It comes handy especially when cutting drywall or wood.) I really miss the spring loaded pliers from the Wingman and I cannot understand why Leatherman put two flat blades while you have the bit kit that includes the same ones. I rather have a clam shell opener or another bit holder.

        I have to add that I try to use only leather sheaths for flashlight and multitools. Velcro and nylon gets worn out too quickly to be consider as reliable.

        Keep on your good work.

        1. Hi

          Yes I do remember the ice storm 🙂 I absolutely agree in having a good quality multi tool. I use to carry a leatherman charge for years but I am now completely sold on the Surge. Never leave home without it.

          Thank you for you email, input and kind words. I appreciate that.


  2. I was looking for a multitool and it is a bit overwhelming with the amount of choices available, so I apreciate your opinion about which works best for the both of you. Being female and pockets and hands are smaller I was particay interested in what Josie carried. I am happy that you listed hers, but honestly disappointed that there was not as many details (size, specs, links) to her tools. It would be helpful to have links and balanced info on Josie’s tools for those of us who might be closer to her size and such.

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