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A bucksaw is a hand-powered frame saw generally used with a sawbuck[1] to cut logs or firewood to length (bucking). Modern bucksaws usually have a metal frame (“H” or “C”-shaped) and a removable blade with coarse teeth held in tension by the frame. Lightweight portable or foldable models used for camping or back-packing are also available. It is often referred to as a bow saw in the North American hardware market, but that term traditionally refers to a different type of saw with a wooden frame.

A bucksaw is a crosscut saw, it is designed to cut across the grain. The width of the blade is constant from the teeth to the back. It is meant to cut wood fibers that are in tension and is thick so that it is more difficult to bend on the push stroke. They can be either a one or two-man saw. Coopers often use bucksaws in their work. Bucksaws played a big part in shaping wood.   WIKIPEDIA

Thought I would give a more proper definition of this tool (my English is not that great when it comes to specific terms).

The bucksaw for the Northern woods is certainly a brother to the axe especially when it comes to bigger jobs. It will do them quicker with a little less effort than your smaller tools.

Let me just give you a couple of examples:

  1. If you are familiar with wild camping during the winter, then you know that FIREWOOD is absolutely necessary for a fairly comfortable night. You need to stay warm. Usually the long fire is adequate for this but will need a lot of wood. The axe and bucksaw will be the right tools to provide the right amount of fire wood for the night. You will fell the tree with the axe (cut it down). Then limb the fallen tree (cut the branches off) to be able to buck or saw the lengths needed for your fire. Depending on the type of fire you will then need to split some wood with the axe to make sure your fire burns hot in the night.

Those two tools are essentials to getting the job done. There is always a right tool for the right job. I know some tools can be versatile and accomplish more than they were built for. But why not (if it’s in your possibility to) use the right tools for the right jobs. It makes life so much easier.

2. BUILDING SHELTERS. As the axe the bucksaw is very important to have when building certain shelters. Now I understand that it is not necessary if you are building a simple A frame or some type of debris shelter. It will be very useful if you want to build a more solid semi type permanent one. With the right knowledge and skills you could even build yourself a proper cabin. There are tons of other things you would need the bucksaw for proper jobs like for instance furniture or even a strong raft. This tool has been used for centuries and it’s for a good reason.

NOTE: As I said in my blog concerning the axe it is not for everyone. Let me repeat myself by saying that if your backyard is the desert or jungle; keep this tool out of your wish list. You will not need it.

Now I own and use this more traditional wooden collapsible bucksaw. Collapsible because it is easier to pack and traditional because I like the look of it and love that it is made of wood for a couple of reasons.

  1. Wood is not as cold to the hands when using it in the wintertime. I know you should be wearing gloves but to me it’s too awkward to use a bucksaw with gloves.
  2. If something breaks on it, it can easily be replaced with just a little carving and fitting by using wood provided from the bush.

This particular bucksaw came with a metal rod with two wing nuts to keep it together. I was afraid that I would lose the wing nuts (which would’ve certainly happened so I decided to go with the traditional method and just carve me a piece of wood with some paracord and it was a done deal. Plus I saved a little bit on weight.

Here is are a few pictures of it describing what I am saying about this bucksaw and by the way it did not come in this color. I stained it to my liking.

If you have a little bit of skills all you need is to bring a bucksaw blade with you and create the handle with wood that you find in the forest. This is a great skill to have when you need it in a pinch. It will work fine; the only problem I find is that it’s a little unstable and weak but hey! It’s better than nothing right?

I have to stop again with a warning: Please learn how to use a bucksaw properly before going out in the woods to try it out. I know it’s just a saw but trust me it can make a lot of damage if you are not careful; especially with the fingers.

Every time I write a blog for certain tools that I love to use and give my opinions on, this does not mean that it’s for everyone. It’s just common sense. If you are a lightweight backpacker and love to hike a lot of miles don’t even continue reading this blog. It’s not for you! Unless of course you love me so much and like to hear what I say about certain things… Well! Read on my good friend.

Well, I am pretty much done blogging about this anyway!

The bucksaw is not a need for everybody. The small Bacho Laplander Saw will do a lot of jobs for its lightweight size.

If you are interested in a bucksaw it does not need to be a traditional one like mine. This is just my thing. There are plenty of collapsible bucksaws on the market that are smaller in size and will do the job. I found one on Amazon that is very popular and has 5 star reviews or build your own, I left the link to the blade below.

Until then be safe and thank you again for taking the time to read my blogs. It is not taken for granted on my part. So buck away, have fun and be safe as you do it. By the way, here’s a video.


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  1. Please reply with a source for the buck saw shown in this article.
    I would like to purchase or build one from a pattern.


    Jeff Diffenderfer,

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