Carving for me is simply just a relaxing time. By no means am I an expert on this subject; but you don’t need to be. You take a piece of wood with the right tools and safely carve something. That’s it!
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Even if that something does not look like anything it does not matter for now. You have spent precious time knowing how to use your knife. Seeing if the kind of wood you are using would be good for future use or maybe try another type of wood.

I always seem to learn something but most of all I enjoy carving and have to tell you it relaxes me like nothing else.

tools for carving

The most important thing I guess about carving (that’s besides knife skills and others) that I have discovered has to be PATIENCE! When carving you cannot be in a rush or everything will go wrong.

Remember this is not supposed to be a job but an enjoyable time. So relax, take your time. This way there will be less danger of hurting yourself and making mistakes. Carving to me is like sharpening my knives. They both relax me but both must be done at a steady pace (not being in a rush) if I want positive results.

carving clothespin

Like anything else the more you practice the better you get at it. I would suggest you start with carving spoons. Carving just with a knife can be done but the right tools for the job makes it so much easier and again the results are much better.

The tools I use are simple, a spoon knife made by Mora.

It’s the  Morakniv Wood Carving 164 Hook Knife with Carbon Steel Blade, not too expensive and it works fine. 

Obviously there are tons of other choices as long as it’s a spoon (crook) knife. The others are simple homemade carving knives that a friend made for me. You may use your normal bushcraft knife as well, I often do that.

carving tool

Start by taking as much material off as you can with an axe and/or saw. For beginners draw with a pen the type of spoon you would like and carve away. 

Here is a VIDEO of mine showing you how.

Anyway I would have a few more things to say but it’s always more rewarding when you discover tips/tricks as you gain experience.

If you got some questions that I can answer ask away. 


One last important note: Your spoon does NOT have to be perfect. Make it crooked, weird looking and make it your own… Make it UNIQUE!!

It’s all about enjoying yourself and being happy with what you have accomplished.

Another Video (Carving a Spoon)


8 thoughts on “Carving

  1. Is it better to use seasoned or green wood Mike? If seasoned, how long is generally long enough? Great cabin fever activity!

    1. Seasoned is best because you’ll get exctly what you carve, no shrinking or splitting. It is difficult to tell how long wood should be seasoned for different reasons: like the size, kind, environment. The best thing to do if possible is to go out to your local woods and find a dead standing tree that is not rotten or punky and choose the best piece from it, then you can generally carve without any problems. Hope this helps Clinton.

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