Hello & WELCOME to our page! First, we would like to thank all of our friends and subscribers from YouTube through all these years. We treasure your friendship & support, to say THANK YOU is not enough to tell you how we appreciate you all!

A little history…

In 2009 I decided to push my husband to start putting videos on YT. He immediately declined but after some convincing and because he loves me he decided to put one video, that was the start of our journey and we settled with BushcraftBartons as a name for our channel.

Mike has always been an outdoor enthusiast since the age of eight until now. I have always been fascinated with the beauty of God’s nature but never really had a great opportunity to explore it until I married Mike.

The greatest thing that bonds our love for one another & our love for nature comes from our faith in our God. We are both believers in the Lord Jesus Christ, our Savior. We are grateful that we have been given the privilege of enjoying God’s creation and gift to mankind…nature.

Come and join us as we explore through the pages of our journey. It is a joy for us to share with you our wonderful experiences as we venture out into the wild to LEARN, to FAIL to EXPLORE, to RELAX, to COOK (our favorite) and much more!

The Bushcraft Community on YouTube is an awesome place to be and we have met many wonderful people!

Hopefully you will join us and experiment the joy of the wilderness, making great friends and being part of a very generous and supportive community.

Luke 13:3 I tell you Nay: but, except ye repent, ye shall all likewise perish.

Acts 2:21 And it shall come to pass, that whosoever shall call on the name of the Lord shall be saved.

Mike & Josie

Email: kjv.barton@gmail.com

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  1. Good job on your website Josie. Mike you are a lucky man to find such good woman to share your adventures with. I always enjoy your videos and the common sense advice and tips you give. I also look forward to seeing new videos when you upload them. God Bless and keep up the good work, both of you. Lon C.

  2. This is so wonderful. Call me old school, but I still enjoy a good read, more than a viewing a doctored vid. don’t get me wrong, Mike and Josie ;-)) lol..Your videos are fantastic information, and very entertaining. However I am grateful for your new website, for it will provide a fresh perspective to your outdoor achievements and many more lessons. Cheers.
    have a superb day..loving this site..will check back on it daily .

    1. Thanks Kan, this is exactly what we had in mind… there are things that videos can’t cover. The website has given us this opportunity (to read, to learn, and explore) the things that we can’t all do in the videos. Appreciate your time checking it out.

  3. Hi Folks…Saw your video and had to look at the site. This offering is every bit as good ad your fantastic channel. You are among my favorite channels offering ethical, smart, very entertaining content. Even an old guy like me must admit to learning sooo much from your channel and not only about “crafting”!
    Josie, don’t worry about it, you are great and when you do speak up, you have something to say, so rare in these times.
    Heck, I, at 69 years old, do not even own a camera or for that matter, a phone. I still spend a lot of time outdoors as my wife and I caretake a couple hundred acres of Sierra Happiness. Keep up the good works, you are much needed!
    Blessed Be…

    1. Hi Jim, thank you for the kind words. We appreciate you watching our videos, thank you for the support. You and the Mrs. are blessed to be able to spend a lot of time outdoors. I don’t need a couple of hundred acres… okay, maybe 100 🙂 Thank you sir.

  4. hi mike and josie,
    would just like to say i enjoy your video`s very much and wish you all the best with your website.
    very best wishes.

  5. Hi Mike & Josie,
    I have watched your You Tube videos for quite a long time and thoroughly enjoy watching them. I’m an avid viewer and I learn a great deal from you. I like joining you on your adventures. I am glad to see Josie head up this new website and wish both of you continued success. I explored your website and must admit that Josie did a great job. I know that Josie is shy however, I truly enjoyed hearing her in your introduction video to this website. I think that’s the most I have ever heard her speak. Mike….encourage her to be more involved and take an active “speaking” roll in your videos. My only complaint is that you guys don’t make enough videos together…I know we all have jobs or other responsibilities but, I always look forward to seeing your next video. Once, again, good luck from an avid viewer in New York, USA.
    Best wishes,
    Gino Bizzarro

    1. Hi Gino, first of all we appreciate your support. Thank you for joining us in our adventures and we are glad that you are enjoying them. I will do my best to convince her to speak more often in the future videos. Maybe she needs to cook more 🙂

  6. Hi guys,

    I have been enjoying your videos for a while now and wanted to congratulate you on your new website! Very excited for you both. I have had a look around the site and it looks like you have been putting a lot of work into it. Looks great and some really great advice. I have your page bookmarked and plan to be back often!

    I have to say that it was because of you two that my wife and I took up snowshoeing this year. We have both always hated winter even though we were both born and raised here in Canada! I was raised in the woods of New Brunswick. I always enjoyed the outdoors and when we were first married, we did a lot of tenting…sometimes spending a month in a tent and travelling to work from there. But after kids came along about 18 yrs ago, we seemed to not have enough time to get out and enjoy the back country like we use to. We would still camp once or twice a year, but just lost our passion for it I guess. Last year, we got a used Old Town canoe and our love of nature started to come back to us. We were out in the canoe as much as we could. We hated to see winter coming as we put the canoe away for the season. But then I stumbled upon your videos on Youtube this winter and seeing the joy you folks got from being out no matter the season, made me start thinking. About a month ago we ended up going and getting ourselves a couple of sets of snowshoes and headed out on our first day hike on some property we own. Well, we ended up being out for about 5 hours or so and had a BLAST!!! We have been out every chance we get since….and now we are thinking that we are actually going to miss the winter!!! Thank you guys so much for your inspiration, you have no idea what it has done for us.

    Keep up the great work,
    Ron S.

    1. Hey Ron, thanks for your great story. We appreciate you sharing it with us. It’s stories like yours that keep us going. We are truly blessed that we live in a very beautiful country that we could enjoy and explore. You are the ones inspiring us right now and we thank you for that.

  7. Hello Josie and Mike,
    I wish you much success with your website. through your youtube channel I was first aware of bushcraft on the topic and have received many inspirations. I want to thank you on this way for it! I am therefore pleased that there is now also an internet site in addition to the yt channel. I will visit this site regularly 🙂

    by the way, the page already looks great.

    keep up the great work!

    1. Hi Frank, thank you so much for stopping by. We truly appreciate your support in watching our videos. Enjoy the tour on the site and many thanks again.

  8. Just saw your update on your YT site. Good idea.

    May our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ bless this endeavor, and both of you.

    I, too had a wonderful wife and companion for 46 blessed years. It truly was a marriage made in Heaven. We did many canoe and backpack trips together over the years. Sadly, the Lord called her home 2 1/2 years ago. However, I go on for our two wonderful German Shorthair Pointers. I sold our 2 tandem canoes and bought a new Hemlock Eaglet Solo, customized for the 2 dogs and me last summer. Wonderful canoe – 15 1/2 feet, all of 36 lbs! With no where near a full load, we are good to go for a 7 day trip with it. Check them out at hemlockcanoe.com. You will love their Mission Statement. Good fellow Christians.

    I love hiking and canoeing with my 2 dogs. These are Thermonuclear Turbo-puppies, and they DO keep me in shape running me all over the southern tier hills!

    I am not a ‘joiner’, so do not ‘subscribe’ to YT or other on line stuff. However, your YT site is one of my top 5 sites. I also visit Wintertrekker (Canadian), woodtrekker, adirondakwoodsman (both NY State) and a few canoe ones (mostly Canadian). We have done a lot of canoeing up in Canada. Now, mostly the Adirondacks – hassles at the bridge any more…

    I don’t consider myself a Bushcrafter as such, mostly an outdorsman, but like bush craft and practice it somewhat on my hikes and canoe trips – good knowledge for the ‘just in case’.

    So, good luck to both of you and God Bless. Keep up the good work.

    (I live in western NY state.)


    1. Thank you sir for sharing your great story with us. We really enjoyed reading it. This was a true blessing and we thank you for that. The canoes are beautiful and we love the Mission Statement 🙂 We spotted some interesting ones 🙂 Thanks for sharing sir and God Bless.

      1. Regarding Hemlock Canoes – Dave is getting ‘up thar’, so if you might want one of his canoes, you had better not wait – he is 73 or 74, now, and will likely retire some day.

        Dave is a master craftsman, and ‘Conk’ who does his woodwork is a master wood worker. His canoes aint cheep, but you do get what you pay for from him. And then some! They are made to order. Nothing in ‘stock’.

        You should check out Conk at http://adkforum.com Go to trip reports and then search Conk. By all means go from there to his picasa web site (Conk’s Gallery) and look over the fotos of his forays into the Adirondacks. Conk is Nessmuk re-incarnated! Wish I could do that, but with 2 big dogs, it just aint practical…


  9. ‘evenin Mike & Josie;just finished your latest video,& popped over here 2 leave a response. U 2 Really brighten our day.
    We R as U A Christian Family.I accepted the lord Jan.26/2007 with my lovely Wife’s guidance. I am truly Blessed 2 have a companion who stands by me & supports me in our daily decision making,The World being as it is. Have watched &
    commented on all your great videos.We would like 2 wish U,Mike & Josie The Best Journey there is,Under Blue Skies & Fair Weather.Now 2 go & C what else there is on the new “JOSIE”,website.LOL.Thanks again Mike 4 Showing 1 of the many books U have red & re-read over time. I’m only 3/4 way through “A Name Of Her Own”. Wonderful Reading.
    Happy Trails From Down East A Piece Blessing 2 U Both ATB Terry & Melanie

    1. You are a blessed man sir, a good wife is a blessing from the Lord. 🙂 Thank you for your kind words and your great support, it means a lot to us. God Bless.

  10. Love the videos on YT and the new website. I am new to Bush Craft/backpacking and your videos have been a great help. Love how you always have a good attitude in all your videos.

    Thank You and keep up the good work!

    1. Thanks Teo for watching our videos. The Bushcraft Community in YouTube is certainly a very supportive and generous group and you are a part of it 🙂

  11. I’m a youth leader at my church; when I brought up the idea of a bush crafting adventure the kids seemed pretty excited hopefully we get a chance to spread God’s word in the woods this summer. I thought I would leave a comment, and say thanks. Your YouTube channel inspired me to get out there myself.

    1. What an exciting adventure to go out and learn bushcraft with the kids. What a blessing to be able to spread God’s Word. If you want you can use our videos as a teaching tool if you think it would help. We appreciate you watching our videos. God Bless.

  12. Mike & Josie, Thank you for what you do. I have learned a lot and enjoy all your videos I’ve seen so far.
    I’ll have some questions as I learn so look out.
    Joe KCK

  13. Hi Mike and Josie!

    I’ve been enjoying your videos since the beginning and am thrilled you started a website! (I have put a link up to it at my blog: http://weekendwoodsman.wordpress.com/). Like you guys, I live in the boreal region (Finland) and love what it has to offer. I will be sure to check your site on a regular basis. Looks like you’ve got a lot of great stuff already! Thanks for taking the time and effort to share with us in another format. 🙂

    Take care,

    The Weekend Woodsman

    1. Finland, wow! That would be one of the places that we would like to visit someday. You never know we might meet on the trail. Thanks for your comment.

  14. Hi, Mike and Josie,

    Just wanted to say that I really enjoy your videos and now have a new place to stop and check out on the internet! I enjoy the fact that you do these things together, and I have learned a lot. I live near the Adirondack Mountains of NY State, and love taking landscape and nature photos, capturing all of God’s wonderful blessings. Keep up the good work and God bless!

    1. Thanks Alan, we appreciate you watching our videos and checking our website. We are blessed to be able to work and do things together. We had passed at the Adorindack Mountains a couple of times and we just love the view! Taking pictures is one of our favorite things to do… capturing the moment at a given time is a wonderful experience that we can’t simply explain. It is marvelous. God Bless!

  15. Dear Bushcrafters,

    thank you for realising the website, and i am very happy with it.
    i always watches the new movies you put on the youtube-channel.
    i our country we don’t have mountains like yours, but we have the Veluwe a big place of forrest and great nature.
    Thank you for the knowledge and to make bushraft a nice peace of life.
    We are country people and don’t know anything about living to survive in nature, till i met you both.
    I am always curious about your new postings on youtube and now for your brand new website.

    By this writing i wishes you both a lot of succes with your website
    allways curious
    with friendly regards,
    Martin Jansen, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

    1. Thank you for your kind words Martin, we are glad to know that our channe has become a source of information for bushcrafters. Thank you for watching our videos . We hope that the website will provide an additional information & knowledge. Thank you friend.

      1. It’s unbelievable that you always answers the comments on your website from a lot of followers and fans, and i will thank you for that. For many years i follow your channel on youtube in Holland, and i am also a fan pur sang for a lot you have showing us.
        the country i mentioned about is still a dot on your map, and Rotterdam is still a fabricstate.
        when we look at your country from our fewingpoint you have the most preppers of the world, some people call it doomsday-preppers and nationalgeographic-channel is the source of it for us to know that.
        You both are living by nature and Mike have a lot of knowledge about everything for comfort when you want to go up in nature, that’s power!
        Thank you a lot also your meals Josie they a fabulous!
        For now dear friends good luck and God bless!
        a real fan from a dot on your map
        Martin Jansen, Rotterdam The Netherlands

  16. My two favorite Bushcrafters in the world! Thank You for everything you do. It must be a lot of work, but also a lot of fun!
    Jim Reynolds

  17. Hey Mike. This looks fantastic. I plan to check it out. What a great way for fans like me to get to know you both just a little bit better. Cool
    Jeep (EocnoChallenge)

  18. Have you ever thought about making your own knife? You seem like you have a lot of knowhow, so I thought you might have an idea or two.

    1. Well I do have my ideas but to make it myself would be impossible 🙂 I am not equiped nor do I have the knowledge when it comes to forging steel. There is a knife maker that is suppose to make me my design but we will see in the future. Thanks Mike!

  19. Hi Josie and Mike!
    I have been following your great adventures for a while. I especially appreciate the cooking segments. Thank you for kindly sharing your passion for nature and for the outdoors. I wish to learn about your inspiration in life. May the Sun always shine inside your hearts.

  20. Dear Mike and Josie,
    When I first started camping I found your channel and it greatly helped my experience of what to do and the peace that comes along with being in nature. A short time later, I met the love of my life and wanted to take her camping with me. Your adventures together have helped inspire my relationship with Kaela and with God. I have been amazed by you two and your openness about God and Christ. This has helped me grow and has shown me that I can use camping as time to spend with God. Thank you so much for showing through examples your relationship with each other and with God.

    1. Hello Nathan, we are thrilled to hear that! We thank you for sharing your story, what an encouragement to us. What a great joy to see and hear more stories like yours and Kaela. May they always see Him through us. M&J

  21. I just wanted to say thanks for all the great information you both share. I first came across your Youtube videos while I was living in South Korea. The information really helped me a lot while I planned to return to Canada. Now that I’m back, I plan to put all that great bushcraft info to good use. Thanks for sharing and the website looks great!

  22. Mike and Josie,
    Thank you so very much for producing such great outdoor videos so that all of us can watch, learn and enjoy the art of bushcraft! I just discovered you recently on the You Tube, and I have not been able to get enough of your adventures!
    I was born in West Virginia, moved to Ohio when I was twenty, then moved to Oklahoma four years ago. So now I have to travel back to Pennsylvania every spring to meet with my friends to camp and trout fish. Been doing it for forty seven years with the same core group of guys. Some of our original group have passed away, but their sons and nephews are now part of the group, along with several friends acquired along the way over the years.

    I have been going into the woods since I was six years old to enjoy the animals, the trees, the various plants, the sounds and the smells. What a great and wonderful way to grow up! I am now (69) years old, but my enthusiasm for the outdoors is stronger than ever, even though I cannot do all of the things that I used to do. Watching your videos, especially the cooking segments, allows me to be there in mind and in spirit. Sometimes I can almost smell the food cooking, or taste the coffee at the morning fire.
    When I was in my twenties, I camped all over the United States and in Quebec and Ontario in a (9′ X 9′) tent. One thing that always amazed me was that the majority of the Canadians I met were also tent campers, and I always saw a great array of different style tents. As I grew older I moved on to pop up campers, then back to a tent, then moved up to a fifth wheel travel trailer, but now I am yearning to go back to my roots and just do primitive style camping. It is a little more work, but it is a whole lot more fun! Even now, I always cook my meals over a campfire instead of inside of the camper. I really love to cook in camp, and I sort of specialize in cast iron cookery and sourdough items, including several types of breads. But the sourdough pancakes are the BEST! Can’t wait to get back out into the woods again. Nothing can match the taste of meat cooked over a bed of red oak coals!
    You guys make a good couple, and it is really awesome to see both of you doing these things TOGETHER!
    I have also really enjoyed your episodes with your friend Billy. He seems like a nice guy who is both talented and knowledgeable and displays a good sense of humor.
    Thanks, again, and please keep the videos coming!
    Bill Pysell

    1. Thank you Sir for your kind words. They are really well appreciated. I just loved reading your email 🙂

      Thank you so much….

      God bless…

      ps I am very happy to know that you are still enjoying the wilderness…wonderful!



  23. Love this post and love the history behind Bushcraftbartons, love watching your videos, my boyfriend and i use to crown land camp at the pickerel river , not far from Grundy National Park.
    where we camped was on the snowmobile trail river crossing area , there are black bear in the area but have never been a bother to us, Since are times crown land camping he has bought property on Deshane lake on hwy. 560 A northeastern ontario. its very peaceful and great camping and fishing spots
    keep up the great work
    Best Regards
    Sue Zaple

    1. Thank you for sharing Sue, appreciate your time to read & write to us. I’m glad you guys have found a peaceful place to get away, this is also our heart’s desire someday, we just haven’t found the spot yet. Thanks again.

  24. Hi Mike and Josie, now I know what it is thats different about you videos. It’s Jesus, I love your laid back approach, I’m 79 years old and really enjoy the outdoors. My wife and I are dyeing to try your bannock on a stick. A few more weeks [weather Colorado]] and away we go. Keep up the videos they are fresh air! Don & Te-Ata [roving romantics]

    1. Thank you sir for your kind comments, we appreciate it. Yes, it’s Jesus! Pretty sure you will enjoy the bannock on a stick. God Bless! Mike & Josie

  25. Hello, I came across your videos looking to learn and improve my own skills, delve into my own passion and learning that I am not the only one with a like mind. There are many gifted people out there and I have learned so much. When I stumbled across your page the two things that grabbed me is 1) Josie getting out there too for these skills need to be learned by men, women and children alike and 2) when I was reading your “About” page you pulled no bones about your Faith in Jesus Christ was truly exciting to me for this truly is God’s Green Earth … Thank you and God Bless

  26. Salut! Pour Mike, apprend il le tagalog ? Puis Josie, apprend elle un bon francais Quebecois ?
    Quel langue parlez-vous entre vous deux quand la camera video ne roule pas ?
    Thom Johnson

  27. Salut Mike et Josee.

    How wonderful to find a Christian couple who are bold in their faith and enjoying God’s creation so much. My wife and I are both Christians and Love the Lord. I have been a soldier for over 30 years and I am also a hunter and outdoorsman. I have a little red copy of the Gideon’s New Testament, Psalms and Proverbs that stays in my pack and comes out to the bush with me. There are few things I enjoy more than heading out to the bush with my dog and my gun to be alone with my God and to read His word. The crackle and smell of the fire as my tea brews and as I read from the Bible is amazingly relaxing and always seems to draw me close to Him. He strengthens me! Yes, my little Bible smells like wood smoke! 🙂

    I enjoy the honesty and interest in your videos. Keep up the good work and may He richly bless you!


    1. Thank you sir for taking the time to read our blog. What a joy to meet a brother and a sister in the Lord! We not only have a common interest… the woods but we also have the same Heavenly Father who loves us! We appreciate your time and God Bless you for serving your country. M&J

  28. Hi Mike and Josie,
    My son and I do a lot of camping but it’s not considered “roughing” it. As a child, my father was very innovative, like you, with using the tools around him. He taunt me how to enjoy camping, how to fish and clean it and the pleasures of being out in nature. Today, as much as I would like to enjoy that same kind of camping, the same you do, I am unable to at the moment because of mobility issues I have but I am working on getting better and stronger. My son and I are currently planning a camping trip for next year in a backcountry campsite where we need a boat to get to it… so, no electricity and any other usual conveniences found at a typical campground. I am watching a lot of your videos to give me tips on how to make the most of our resources that we will find around us and I find them to be inspiring and motivational. I will definitely try to cook a steak on a rock and cooking bannock bread… I think it must have tasted awesome!
    Any ideas on how to keep food fresh without a cooler since ice will not be available?
    Also, have you ever encountered a bear? I’m a little worried about that and would appreciate your advice.
    Thanks so much for the information you provide… you two look like an awesome couple and it’s wonderful how you share these experiences together.
    Take care,

    1. Hello Denise and good for you for going camping with your son. I appreciate the kind words and I hope and pray that you have a quick recovery.

      Depending on how long your planning your stay, to be safe I would bring dehydrated meals and snacks that keep fresh. If you do decide to bring something that needs to be cool for a little while, put it in a flowing creek if there happens to be one near by. Other than that I would bring dehydrated meals which not only keep but are not as heavy to carry.

      Dont worry about bears prevention is a safe way of keeping them away from you. As you hike just make sure once in a while you make some noise…talk loud with your son, sing haha anything that will tell him that you are there and he will flee and not be spooked and react in a defensive matter. If talking is not the thing for you they sell bear bells that work great that you can hook up on you but if you are traveling many miles the bells can become annoying to you. Also the best is to carry bear spray which is your best defence and very effective.
      Try not to cook meals where you sleep…when you do cook try and be about 200 feet away minimum. Make sure you get a dry bag that will hold all your food, higiene like toothpaste, soap and even lip balm. Put all that stuff in the dry bag when you are done with them for the day and hang it about 15 to 20 feet in a tree again away from your campsite at about the same distance 200 feet. A dry bag is perfect because it will keep everything dry if ever it rains and keeps the food odor sealed inside so not to attrack animals.

      Now I know this can seem to be a little overwhelming and frightening but they are only preventive measures to make sure you are safe. In all the times I spent in the woods I met a bear just once and he ran away from me like there was no tomorrow 🙂

      All is good dont be afraid and enjoy yourself with your son. It is much safer in the woods than in any major cities nowadays.

      God bless you…..


  29. Hi Mike and Josie! Kamusta? love watching your videos and Josies cooking I love outdoors camping. I’ve done it a few times in the Philippines, but unfortunately I haven’t gone on a camping trip in my 11 years of stay here in the US yet. For now I just settled in watching your videos to get a good nature fix!


    1. Thank you Lei for watching our videos, we are glad that you enjoy them. Hope that you will be able to try camping where you are, they have great parks all over the States. Take care and God Bless!

  30. I’m impressed with the fact that you seem to be a participant with nature, not a conqueror. You leave a soft footprint and a gentle touch. You seem to enjoy life as much as the outdoors. I will keep an eye on you. Thanks.

  31. Hi Josie, nice to see your Vid on Youtube “bushcraftbartons, Nice video to learn about Bushcrafy, Im From indonesia, and very2 hapy if you would to make me private about bushcraft.

  32. Hi guys, I watched your winter hiking “Mountainside Cabin & A Tough Winter Hike”, that was so good to say awesome it just near about what you can say) I like winter forest more than anything. Sometimes we go together with my Indonesian wife out but not so far like you? I am russian and there is no problem for me but her is)

    wish you well folks

  33. Dear Mike:
    Thank you for sharing your knowledge. I was a scoutmaster for more years that I care to admit to and ate my share of scout-cooked food that should have killed me a long time ago. I now write Sci-Fi/Fantasy and draw upon those experiences because some of what happened could not be dreamed up and makes for great stories. I wish I had back then what you publish so wonderfully now, but at least it is out there for outdoor lovers and those brave souls who dare to take a pack of wild boys into the unknown.

    Question- what camera(s) do you use?

    Best regards and bless you,

  34. Dear Mike & Josie,

    Have you taken the opportunity to test out or have you heard of the Sliver Fire Stove ( http://www.silverfire.us ). Best backing stove I have ever used hiking and also hunting.

    Much like you in Canada, I live in Alaska and go camping, fishing and hunting. I take every oppurtunity to get out in God’s backyard. Nothing better then being outdoors and just being in nature and being quite and one with God in His creation.

    Hope you look into it and maybe add it to your equipment.

    May God bless you and Josie and your family!


  35. Hi Mike and Josie,

    My (Canadian) wife and I came across your videos within the last year and have thoroughly enjoyed watching them. What a wonderful to see all that scenery and wildlife. We’re thinking the best part is watching Josie catch all those fish!

    We really do enjoy watching and appreciate that you make them available to us, so keep up with those great videos – please.

    Saludos from Spain,
    Fran and Beatriz

  36. Hi Mike , I really enjoy your videos and look forward to more you post . I do have a question on the fabric seats that you use ? Do you have a video on how to make those ( Sewing so they can go on the sticks) ? I have been watching and see how easy a set up it is and how light weight it would be in my pack . Also how do you attach it to the top v post ?
    My brother and his son will be going on our fist hiking trip to scout deer hunting spots with my son and myself and i will be bringing some of your techniques in the field with me .
    Again i look forward to watching and learning from you in the future videos and stay safe out there .

    1. Thank you for your email and kind words they are much appreciated.

      I do not have a video sadly of what you ask because I did not make them 🙁
      I got them from a guy on youtube his channel is econochallenge. You can maybe contact him for info or I am pretty sure you could find a video on YT where someone explains how he did his. For tying the top I just use paracord. Pass it through the top seam and tie it to the top of the V.
      Very sorry I could not help more than that!


  37. I just found your website thru a video on Youtube, “Budget Friendly Tarp/Good Quality! ” I was surprised to see that you both are believers in Jesus! What a great surprise! I will have to look further into your site & some of your videos. May the Lord continue to bless all you do in His Name.

    1. Thank you Earl for stopping by and leaving a comment. I hope that you’ll find some of the blogs helpful for whatever it is you’re looking for. Yes, we are both born-again believers in the Lord Jesus Christ. Let us know if there’s anything that we could help you with. God Bless!

  38. I am still trying to find the type of coffee you use and a link or something to go and buy some. Send me the link if you have one please.

  39. hi there
    just coming here from your youtube video about harvesting or “hunting” chaga as you say. i watched a few videos before yours and read some articles in fungi magazine. i gathered that chaga grow on sites of the tree where there is damage, and as such it protects the tree from pests and destructive fungus. it lives with the tree, modulating it’s immune system. as such, removing the whole fungus and exposing the raw bark of the tree leaves it open to infection and damage. as you do cut the whole fungus off with a knife, this is worrying. since you are consistently in the wilderness, have you noticed any changes in those trees which you have removed the chaga from? is it true that the vacant site of the mushroom then becomes a place where pests and other destructive fungus thrive?
    i would like to harvest my own chaga, and plan to take only some of each mushroom, i heard that it can grow back, and i would like to observe things for myself. i am asking you because you can relate your own empirical data from your observations already.
    Chigozie Okoye

    1. When you see chaga on a tree you know that the tree is already dying. It could take a few years like 20 years depends. If you see that the tree is really towards the end of its life its better that you take all of the chaga. If not the chaga will die with the tree and go to waist.

      If you see that the tree is still in good shape try and leave atleast an inch of chaga so not to expose the bare wood. If you do it this way the chaga will still keep on growing depending on how long the tree has to live as the chaga feeds on the sap of the tree. I have made some experiments and observations. And most healthy trees that I left the chaga on continues to grow. Some almost an inch a year.

      Hope this helps!

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