I prepare my bannock ahead of time & leave it in the fridge until we’re ready to leave. I like to use milk when I can because the texture and the taste of bannock is better combined with bacon grease. You may also substitute the grease with butter, margarine or even oil of your choice. Some add dried fruits like raisins, cranberries, for additional flavor & more healthy options.

I thought of incorporating dried dates with bannock, but I would definitely soften it first by boiling it then add it to the mixture. The possibilities are endless!

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1 cup of flour

1/4 teaspoon of salt

1 tablespoon sugar

2 teaspoon of baking powder

2 tablespoon bacon grease (optional)

1/2 cup of milk or water


1. Mix the dry ingredients together (flour, salt, baking powder, sugar).

2. Add the bacon grease & mix well until smooth.

3. Add the milk a little bit at a time.

(Add 2 tbsp. of  flour or more  if the dough is too wet).

This is good for two people


If I follow my exact ingredients here, this will cook in an open fire from 40 minutes to an hour uncovered (wrap on a stick or just in a pan). I have also cooked this in a pan with a cover and it surely speeds up the cooking. The bannock burns easily so check & turn it over often. It is a lot easier to cook this in an open fire in the summer time, though we succeeded in cooking it outside in the cold of winter… it took a longer time but it’s still doable.


16 thoughts on “Bannock

  1. Great Job! We have been accompanying you on your adventures. We kept warm by your crackling fire, and could smell the smoke, and by the way thanks for supper the fish was delicious!
    I like your site is expandable enabling in depth content. Have yet to make the bannock. I did buy some Jasmine Rice and did a fish stir fry–Delicious! At the check-out counter spoke with clerk and it was her favorite rice as well, she is also Filipino. It is fun to try and experience new things, see how other people do them. Skinning the trout with the aid of a fork was new to me. Really a nice job on the photography Josie. Camera moves , following the action, tight shots, lighting, background and audio. I really liked the image and feel of the long fire as it played on my 27 inch I-mac. Just like being there. Viewed your Hatti missions trip thanks , it gives me some insight of life in an impoverished land. Risky, glad it went well with you. Exciting will continue to join you on your journey. I fish Ontario, 4.5 feet of ice in some Northern Minnesota lakes with two feet of snow on top. Was four feet of snow in our woods. Later, Dan

    1. A company is always a pleasure to have, thanks for joining us but then I thought that I was shoveling alone 🙂 We’re glad that you liked the supper! When you finished your batch of rice, try finding the “Milagrosa Scented Jasmin Rice.” You might like that too, it has a good smell when you’re cooking it.

      We appreciate your presence with us, we thought someone was watching 🙂 Thank you Dan & Lynn for watching our vids, we aprreciate you both! Til next time 🙂

  2. Je me permet de vous ecrire en francais, prevenez moi si vous preferez avoir les commentaires en anglais mais comme mon message ne contient pas d’information destine aux autres visiteurs je ne crois pas que ca derange. Alors voila, je veux seulement vous dire un ENOOORME merci pour tout mais surtout pour votre temps, j’ai appris bcp grace a vous, vous avez l’air sympathique et je vous souhaite bonne continuite 🙂

    One love de Gatineau(Qc)

  3. Hi Josie & Mike, again a great job, very delicious to watch 🙂
    As a french guy, I need you to provide a final enlightenment … here in France, two types of “baking powder” can be used : one, “levure chimique” (may be alse called baking soda or baking powder) which act with temperature, and the second, “levure de boulanger” used for breads (may be also called yeast).
    I’ve tested both in the field, prefering the first one, easier to use. Here, what do you call “baking powder” ?
    Thank you again for this, web site and vids ! Chris.

  4. Tried the bannock with rasins , suger and cinnamon, took pan rolled up tin foil like a snake rolled in in the bottom of pan then I put pieces of bannock like sweet rolls cooked on fire cooked great didnt burn toped with icing. Yummy. Thanks

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    Herb selection as follows
    These herbs work very good together.

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