“Bushcraft… is spending time in the wilderness, passionately learning to use its natural resources, in providing for your comforts and needs while enjoying the company of the ones you love.”  – Mike Barton   


Some Interesting Videos :

Natural Cordage 

Making a Pack Rack



st-severin 2013 003

st-severin 2013 001

spring 2013 kinnears mills 054

michel vid 003


pic fall 2010 014

pic fall 2010 005

pic fall 2010 004













st-severin 2013 013

st-severin 2013 014

st-severin 2013 012

fall 007

Ste-Lucie (Refuge des Erables) 036

spring 2013 kinnears mills 051


3 thoughts on “Bushcraft

  1. Hi Mike and Josie,

    My girlfriend and I enjoy watching your videos and we wanted to thank you for your channel. We also like your new website – lots of good info!

  2. Great You Tube channel Mike, which I happily subscribe to. I live in Saskatchewan and it amazing how much northern Quebec and Ontario are just like the boreal forest in northern Saskatchewan ! Keep up the great vids ! Thanks

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