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My Story

I have a sinusitis problem for as long as I can remember. I used to take Sinutab back in the days when I was in the Philippines. My head felt so weird, I was always congested, and my nose seemed to be blocked all the time. Then there’s the headache! I had discomfort all around my eyes and under my cheeks. I had a problem with breathing that felt like I was grasping for air all the time. I was having a hard time breathing from my nose. I struggled with this problem for a very long time. Then I moved to Canada…the same problem followed me. There’s not a week that went by that I didn’t have to take Tylenol to ease the pain.

tylenol for sinusitisI find that the worst time of the year for me is during the Spring and the Fall Season when the temperature changes. I would have bad attacks during this time. The same pain and discomfort over and over again. I have a friend and she also struggles with the same problem. She was always taking antibiotics like she has a cold all the time. But I didn’t have to see the doctor for my sinus problem, at least I didn’t feel the need to consult one until….

One day….

Emergency! I was getting ready to leave for work when suddenly I was dizzy, lost my balance and I couldn’t even get up! Then I started vomiting. My husband rushed me to the hospital at the emergency. They checked me and I passed all kinds of tests and x-rays but they didn’t find anything serious as I thought. Later that day, an Otolaryngologist came to see me and said that it was just a bad virus so he recommended that I take some probiotics and use a nasal spray. It helped, but not for a very long time. After that sinus attack, this episode of throwing up and dizziness repeated itself almost every year. My most recent was three weeks before Christmas this year of 2013.  


During my last attack, my husband went and checked on the internet about ways that could really help relieve or even prevent my sinus problem. Isn’t it amazing what you can find just by researching the internet!!! We read and found a lot of information. Then we decided that we would do the following to see if there would be improvements:

1. Humidifier


During the winter period, it can get too dry in the house because of heaters and I never really pay attention that this could affect and trigger an attack. I started using one and I felt the difference and change in my breathing.

It is also important to get a good quality humidifier where you have a control of how much humidity you want because too much is as bad as not enough. I set mine on LOW, this also helps prevent my windows from fogging up in the winter time.

2. Hygrometer

Vicks Hydrometer

This tool tells me the humidity in the house if it’s too dry, too humid, or just perfect. 

This tool is essential to be able to read the precise humidity in my house. Very important to know and control.


3. The Neti Pot

Neti Pot

I watched videos, read reviews about it.



Finally something promising…

The humidifier combined with the hygrometer helps but what made the difference for me is this “genie pot.”(Neti Pot) I started using it and I noticed the change right away. My breathing became normal. I felt that I was “unblocked.” The discomfort around my eyes and cheeks were gone.

What a BIG CHANGE! For the last three weeks, I haven’t had problems with dizziness and vomiting.I continue to use it regularly and I haven’t had bad attacks. It seems to be working very well and it is completely natural.

I am glad that I was introduced to the Neti Pot. I use it almost every day now and there’s a big change in my health. I feel the air circulating normally now when I breathe. Before, one side of my nose was always blocked. NOT ANYMORE! It reminds me of that commercial on TV, “Shut your mouth and breathe.”

I didn’t think that it was possible. But it is! I’m not blocked anymore. If you are considering using this product, there are a lot of reviews in the internet that you could read or watch.

Please take the time to get all of your information right before using this product.


I use my neti pot everyday! I boil my water first and wait until the temperature is lukewarm. If your water is too hot or too cold, it will cause some nasal burning & discomfort while doing your sinus cleansing. Then I add 1/4 teaspoon of non-iodized salt, mix it until all the salt is dissolved. Then I’m ready to do my sinus cleansing ceremony 🙂

By the way… I have stopped taking SINUSITIS PILLS because I don’t need it anymore! The headaches are gone! The painful sinus pressure that I almost had everyday is also GONE!

Using the neti pot will also keep the stubborn cold virus away. I wish I had known this product right away when Dr. Oz featured this at Oprah Winfrey’s show many years ago but I wasn’t simply aware. It’s never too late right! This is a part of my daily health routine now and the CHANGE was amazing! 

 Where to buy it?

There are varieties of Neti Pots that you could choose from – there is plastic, ceramic, copper, or even stainless steel. They are available at your local pharmacies made out of plastic. There are also some at Amazon which sell both, ceramic and plastic. You could also check at your local organic food store, where I bought mine in ceramic.

I hope that it will make a big difference in your life as it made in mine!

This is not a review, this is not a recommendation. The information given here is only based on my personal experience how it helped relieved my problem with sinusitis. This does not replace the advice of your professional health care provider.

Again, please take the time to get all of your information right before using this product.


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  1. You can safely use distilled water instead of boiling the water; I heat mine for 30 seconds in the microwave from room temperature.

    I use NeilMed sinus rinse that I buy at Walmart. NeilMed comes with a spray bottle. I like premeasured things. You can use it twice a day if you need to.

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