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  1. Nice catch Josie. Those trout will add a great increase to your larder. Wonderful food. I also noticed the terminal tackle, small spoon with a trailer about 12 or so inches behind; an added trout hook and a piece of worm. I ‘m going to use this method while fishing for trout in the lakes here in West Virginia. Obviously an excellent set up. Very effective system.

    Thanks for everything you bring to us with your videos.


    1. Thank you Larry, we caught 31 trouts in all and my freezer is happy! This set-up has always worked for us, hope it will do the same for you as you try it. Happy Fishing!

  2. I really love you fine folks videos and site. There are so many FAKES nowadays at everything, you are no fakes at all. I grew up somewhat very old fashion on an old antebellum farm. My great grandmother cooked me biscuits and ham with grits and redeye gravy on a Franklin wood fired cook stove after I got up and being the youngest I had to split kindling, and bring it in and fill the wood bin with ”stove-wood”. We grew most of our food and hunted and fished to supplement the rest useing everything we could that nature provided for us. So, it wasn’t the 19th century but we lived by most of the old ways it really warms my heart to see how Billy lives and of course that was always my fondest fantasies as a youngster of being a ”Mountain Man” type trapper to simply live in the wilderness the way they did back in those days. People didn’t know how good we had it till now that we’ve spoiled ourselves and our children with all this technology and machinery to do everything for us. We have become spoiled and LAZY nowdays and people wonder why. This year my youngest graduates and goes on to colledge, I, aim to sell off everything I don’t absolutely need and load up my camper trailor and head for the wilderness myself to get away from all the rat race, and pollution, and ”assholes”, find a few remote wilderness areas that I can pull my RV into with a 4X4 truck and live free again. I wish you all well and look forward to seeing more vids and such, You folks keep up the good work it is greatly appreciated . I will be watching.
    Neal S.

    1. Thank you Sir for a bit of your history…I do appreciate that and enjoyed reading it immensly…..

      I pray you get back out there in the wilderness you belong…..

      ps My guess is that you are from the south just by the food you listed in your email 🙂 Biscuits, ham and grits….DELICIOUS 🙂

      Have a blessed day sir!


  3. Mike,

    Enjoyed or should I say learned much from your videos. As a former Army Vet. , Emergency Planner, and outdoor enthusiast, I appreciate your videos.
    My wife and I are Believers and have 3 kids in Christians Colleges, the two boys have been through Fusion and went overseas, returning to lead a group for ministry the next year.
    I would appreciate your sharing more of your Faith on the videos and would like to see your Bible in your store that speak of in your videos.
    Thanks You for your time.


    1. Thank you Sir for your email and kind words. I appreciate that. Thank you also for serving! I will put the Bible in the store and do as God leads.

      May God richly bless you, your Family and your boys ministries! Its always a blessing to hear that….


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